Comment of the Day: Isn’t East of 59 and 288 Inside the Loop Too?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ISN’T EAST OF 59 AND 288 INSIDE THE LOOP TOO? “. . . I tell people all the time, I live inside the loop, a few miles from DT. Everyone is all ‘oh, where do you live? in Montrose, the Heights, on Washington, museum district?’ I’m all like ‘um, no, over by UH’ then they’re all like ‘oh, UHD, so like Last Concert, that’s edgy!!!’ then I’m like, sigh ‘no, the real UH, there’s a fleet of taco trucks by my house, and that soccer stadium thingy.’ Then they just start running away.” [toasty, commenting on Houston: The Divided City]

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  • That area is most definitely inside the loop, I’m not sure what people were on about in that discussion.

  • The eastern half of the loop is “La Lupe”. We don’t need no steenkeen museums. Nothing like sitting on the porch sipping matcha while the ice cream truck plays La Cucaracha.

  • I don’t think Inside the Loop was ever meant to encompass the entire loop, I think it was more of line along 610 West delineating area between the Galleria and Downtown and the rest of Houston.

  • I always ask ‘Which loop?’ and the show whomever the 610 loop and the other 2. Thanks Dana-X for funny comment!

  • Haha I get the same – within walking distance from Hermann Park, but east of 288. The next question is always “How’s the crime over there?” No one ever believes me when I say it’s lower than in the Heights. I even offer to email them a link to the latest crime stats, but they usually digress and lose interest by that point.

  • Taquerias as far as the eye can see, pan dulce raining from the sky and La Virgen on every camioneta.

  • This is so stupid–the loop is 610!!!!!!–so if you live inside 610, you’re IN THE LOOP!–why not just say–West Loop–East Loop-etc–people will know what you mean—if you say you live In The Beltway in DC, they don’t assume you mean Georgetown or McLean–I grew up in the loop in Houston, around Rice –we all know what inside The Loop means–this is all so ridiculous and obtuse–so Houston

  • Nothing confuses a non-houstonian like traffic reports in H-town:

    “There’s an accident on the east loop north at 225, traffic is backed all the way from the south loop east to the west loop south.”

  • Along the same vein, UH

  • UHD is a real school and a real UH. It’s just not the original one.

  • I suppose those who don’t west of 288/59 are “Out of the Loop Inner Loopers.” Of course there’s one advantage to living east of 288/59. There are no tacky yellow “The Monster Who Ate Southampton” yard signs and banners and bumperstickers.

  • UHD is not associated with or part of UH. Totally separate schools, just confusingly similar names. :)

  • Almost all the stuff we’re buying is inside the loop, but no longer in Montrose (can’t afford it). now it’s all *JUST* East of 288 by Herman Park. Lots of great deals. Close to everything and still have 2-3 bed apts for $600-$700

  • Mel: UHD and UH are each part of the UH System.

  • Vmel, jdgjdg:

    Saying UHD is a “real UH” is misleading. UT-Permian Basin, UT Tyler, and UT Austin are all part of the UT system.

    I suppose UT Tyler is a “real UT.” However, no one would ever confuse the two. Unfortunately, statements that imply UHD is akin or equal to UH go unchallenged.

    A guy I know from work went to a college fair in high school. UHD’s claim to fame is that they could get a student graduated the quickest as they gave the most credit for IBs, APs, HCC classes, etc.

    I don’t think that’s something to hang your hat on.

  • Don’t forget, Eastwood is East of 59/288. Pretty soon it will be just as desirable as those other ‘hoods you mention. And it will be the only neighborhood with multiple MetroRail lines running through it! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!

  • An extention of #16….so is Idlywood, County Club Estates, the original Houston CC, Villa de Matel, Harrisburg, and a myriad of other important places in Houston history.

  • @ #17

    I don’t know about “Idlywood, County Club Estates” but I’d agree that Idylwood and Houston Country Club Place are…..

  • EADO townhouses are appreciating by 10% annually. Tell that to the brats! LOL!