Comment of the Day: My Galleria Dream Is Bigger Than Yours

COMMENT OF THE DAY: MY GALLERIA DREAM IS BIGGER THAN YOURS New and Imagined Buildings for the Houston Galleria“The Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences (50+ Floors) or W Hotel and Residences (50+ Floors). Both are deciding where to locate in Houston, and either would be great there. As for the church across the street, it will move or be incorporated/absorbed into Galleria 5 (which a new relocated Dillard’s will anchor with additional shops). Galleria 5 will also feature a 2nd new state-of-the art ice-skating chalet. I have a developer friend in New York who says Donald Trump wants in on the Houston action, and plans to use the old Dillard’s and its parking lot for a major development. Three 55 story towers surrounding an elegant courtyard: Trump International Hotel, Tower & Residences: Houston Galleria.” [KB, commenting on If You Really Want To Live in the Actual Galleria, This Is Where Your Home Might Go] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I would really like it if Trump built here. Not because of anything about Trump, but because it would signal that Houston is on the map for ego and vanity projects. And those are the projects that bring unique and innovative architecture and design.

  • That poor 610 loop….

  • My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  • So two ice rinks but still no movie theater? What’s up with that?

  • Dark Helmet: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

    Lone Starr: What’s that make us?

    Dark Helmet: Absolutely nothing! Which is what you are about to become.

  • most HAIF members have serious self-esteem inadequacies and seem to attach their relevancy with dreams of local tall building construction. even the mere thought of how skyscrapers could manifest here excite them into such laughable posts.

  • What happens to the Zone d’Erotica though?

  • Nothing about this comment is accurate. Why on Earth would you make this comment of the day. It’s absurd–hey wait, I heard the Emir of the Arab Emerites is going to build a 474 story tower, called the Burg Houstonian, it will have Rirz Charlton, Four Seasons, and St Regis in it’s crown, it will be built next to Marathon Oil Tower on San Felipe, oh and I hear Donald Trump is involved, along with Donald Sterling and David Geffen…draw that LuLu?

  • Houston has no vanity architecture????– seriously, Walt, you need to get out more—what do you call the Galleria? or the Astrodome? Or the Williams Tower—if these are/were not vanity projects I don’t know what is—Houston has tons of world renouned archecture, far superior to the sh$t the Donald throws up and slathers with black glass and brass–Tacky thy name is Comb Over

  • “The old Dillard’s and its parking lot”? WTF is he talking about? Dillard’s has been in the same place for decades, and I’ve not heard any plans for relocating it. Taking this “news” with a huge grain of salt.

  • @commenter12

    HAIF stands for Houston Architecture Info Forums… I would opine that the vast majority of them, have an interest in large architectural art pieces— which, in Houston (and in the states) typically manifest themselves as large skyscrapers. I find HAIF posters quite fun to discuss the high-rise hypothetical and construction with.

  • Shannon – I like your examples; all of them 30 years old or older. So obviously, that means Houston has all the latest and greatest in interesting and innovative architecture and is at the cutting edge of all that is new and creative. If all you can cite is stuff that is 30 years old or older, perhaps it’s you that needs to get out more. Architecture has come a long way since the Astrodome, Galleria and Williams Tower. Thank you for proving my point.

  • It is possible the Ritz is sniffing around, they had quite the ambitious tower for the original BLVD Place renderings. A few projects have resurfaced after the recession.

  • Siting Donald Trump as cutting edge we wee light years apart, Walt. Ok Walt, how about BG Group Place or the 609 Main?–not vanity enough?– how about Reliant Stadium? Exxon Corporate Headquarters? That new condo tower on Wesleyan? No?—I get out plenty Walt, stop complaining and look around–maybe get some new glasses? I don’t know