If You Really Want To Live in the Actual Galleria, This Is Where Your Home Might Go

Aerial View of Planned Construction at the Galleria, Houston

Sure, there are plenty of highrise towers to live in in the Galleria . . . area. But what if you want to live in the Galleria mall itself? As in, step out the front door and take in a little Burberry, L.K. Bennett, or Apple Store, maybe still in your Neiman Marcus PJs? The folks at Simon Property Group, the mall owners, began mentioning the possibility of a 300-unit residential highrise at the corner of West Alabama and Sage last fall, when they announced the big Galleria III redo (going on now), which is scooting Saks Fifth Avenue over to the former Macy’s spot fronting Sage and open up about 100,000 sq. ft. of new retail space in its wake. And now they’ve gone and shown on a map where the new tower might go.


A few things to note about the purple shape outlined on a portion of the current parking garage at the top right of the aerial view of the entire 3-million-sq.-ft.-plus complex (above) included in a Simon Property brochure. First, the word “tower” doesn’t appear anywhere. Next, it’s indicated as a “future” development, not a “planned” one. And there’s more categorical hedging: “Future Retail/Office Residences,” are the exact words on the label of the site, which would look over the far-less crowded site of the Berachah Church to the south. But there you’d go.

Image: Simon Property Group


Mall Residential or More?

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  • AWESOME!! I’ve been wonders why they had three office towers and two hotels, but no residences at The Galleria. I guess the folks at Simon Properties were wondering, too.
    The only drawback is that there really isn’t anywhere to buy groceries in the mall. I’d be curious to see how they could make that work. Maybe offer grocery delivery to the tower residents? That way they don’t have to lug bags through the mall to get home.

  • Great idea. Just make sure the units are fully sound proof and light proof if desired. Especially if you have some disposable income, what a great place to hang out.

  • To clarify, from the aerial image, it looks as though the tower/residential-retail-office is on the site of the former Macy’s on Sage. The new Sak’s is on the corner that was occupied by the old Galleria III.

  • Aren’t they supposed to be build stand alone stores in the parking lots that front Westhiemer as well? I thought I read that somewhere.

  • Well I hope Simon does a better job than the desecration of Phillip Johnson’s Marshall Field fascade and that lame Galleria 4—does that stupid water feature ever work right?– the only thing they did right was give it a cool curve.

  • There is a great grocery store on San Felipe–in sure these condo owners will have a car, what difference does it make that the Galleria dies be have a grocery store?– do you have a grocery store across the street –of course not, you drive down the street to it. This isn’t NYC or Paris, where nobody has a car.

  • At any rate, this is a no brainer, internationals will flock to buy these –it will be a huge success that’s a certainty.

  • No, it’s not NY but Houston is getting it’s share of traffic problems that it is wise to have a food store nearby. I live next door to Central Market and I love it. No more adding to more traffic, save time and conveniently just walk over. Plus, I save money by only buying what I need.

  • Do you expect a Central Market in the Galleria—I can just see people with shopping carts rolling down the aisle in front of Georgio Armani and Tiffany’s–classy—pardon me I didn’t mean to wheel over your LeBoutan , Mademoiselle—oh yes, that would be grand. Even if you carried you’re eggs, wine etc, it would still be cumbersome–and really you can’t have a full delivery grocery store, even in the Galleria, just for one condo, I mean who else would shop there–hey honey, I’m at the Galleria want me to pick up a pork roast and some Asparagus—I mean, seriously?

  • I believe that “save money” and “go to Central Market” are mutually exclusive. Just sayin’

  • It’s nice you live in River Oaks adjacent, Anna Lee and are close to a Central Market and can just sprint across Westheimer or whatever for your cheese and wine, but that’s not in an indoor world class affluent shopping mall. Really it’s Apples and Oranges, but it must be nice being so close to a Central Market, I love that place;)—oh and don’t get run over

  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences (50+ Floors)
    W Hotel and Residences (50+ Floors)
    Both are deciding where to locate in Houston, and either would be great there.
    As for the church across the street, it will move or be incorporated/absorbed into Galleria 5 (which a new relocated Dillard’s will anchor with additional shops). Galleria 5 will also feature a 2nd new state-of-the art ice-skating chalet.
    I have a developer friend in New York who says Donald Trump wants in on the Houston action, and plans to use the old Dillard’s and its parking lot for a major development. Three 55 story towers surrounding an elegant courtyard: Trump International Hotel, Tower & Residences: Houston Galleria.

  • Donald Trump??? The old comb over is a walking super ego, according to The Donald, he’s “in” on everything, but actually puts in very little capital of his own, he owns only Trump Plaza (and its leveraged) the rest he gets a small percentage for his name (for some reason it has value)– the man is a joke–I can assure you Simon wants no part of Trump, his reputation as an ass, a grand stander, and an all around douche proceed him, like those wisps of hair from that squirrel on his head.

  • KB,
    Simon was going to buy that church for galleria 4, but the church won’t sell…

    That site will be a church for many years to come. The millions they were offered to move wasn’t enough the first time.

  • There is a great grocery store on San Felipe. In typically afternoon traffic it’ll take you 15 minutes to drive the short distance on the traffic-choked streets and 15 minutes to park in the tiny lot there. Have fun!

  • If it is true that the church has refused Simon’s many offers, I’d like to applaud them for holding out. Plus, it just means a bigger offer later.
    While it is nice that The Galleria continues to offer infinite diversity of ways to Hoover out one’s savings, the madness of more retail in a concentrated area has to stop sometime. I dread going to there because of the sheer traffic and have sometimes driven to the suburbs just to avoid the mess. So, in a way, I’m voting with my dollars to put things FARTHER from my home.

  • I don’t share your enthusiasm for that hideous little church, if they had to pay Tax’s on that f@@king land they’d have sold long ago and Hines/Simon could have torn down that dilapidated barnacle long ago. They don’t even really landscape it!–as for you not shopping the Galleria–I hardly think they miss you–personally, I f@@king love! the galleria, I love all the people and all the energy–I don’t live in Tyler, Beaumont et.al for a reason.

  • @ Shannon: Just so you know, Trump’s business model (aside from the licensing of his name) is the same as any other major developer’s business model with the exception of Skanska. Development that isn’t leveraged doesn’t pencil out because the returns on investment are too low.

    @ ZAW: I don’t see the grocery store problem as too much of an issue if this site goes residential. It’d only be a few hundred units at the most and the site is a good one for obvious reasons. It’ll market well and delivery services can be arranged pretty easily these days for people for whom access to fresh food in their home is a critical desire.

  • There are plenty of residential buildings surrounding the mall and they all have access to grocery stores. It isn’t exactly a food desert there. Just because the proposed tower is within the confines of the mall doesn’t mean it’s residents will be imprisoned there. It is no different than residents of the towers in the Museum District or any other high rise. They’ll figure out how to buy peaches and toilet paper just fine.

  • The church can hold out, but the wave is upon it – no way out.
    Best of luck and economy to you!
    I grew up in central NY State. When I visit with a car, I see towns and roads nearly unchanged in 35 years!
    It’s incredible! considering the rate of change here in Greater Houston which has been home for nearly as long.
    It is SO comforting to pass by the farm, soft-serve ice cream shop, mechanic’s garage etc I remember from childhood in situ!
    Maybe “environment-insecurity” is a thing. Maybe Houstonians should coin it.

  • @KB

    My understanding is that Starwood isn’t really looking for a place to put a W in Houston. It’s technically on there list of projects, but it’s not like they’re actively looking for something.

  • their not there

  • Why would anyone want to live in the Galleria are is beyond me. Unless I work in walking distance of the Galleria I would want to avoid the insane traffic.

    Living in an area where the only thing of note is a giant mall doesn’t appeal to me in the least. Maybe living close to Treasures and the Men’s Club adds some flair.

  • If City Center in Sugar Land can find people that want move way out there to live above a Lane Bryant, then I think this development will do just fine.