Comment of the Day: One Set of House Rules for All Houston Location Gambles

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ONE SET OF HOUSE RULES FOR ALL HOUSTON LOCATION GAMBLES Buffalo Bayou Bank Shift“So, whenever anyone in Houston gets upset about the impact a new development will have on their neighborhood, the chorus rises up and yells at them about how they should have seen it coming when they bought in a no zoning area. Fingers wag in their face about expecting government to save them from the impact of development when they had a choice to buy in a deed restricted neighborhood in the ‘burbs but chose Houston’s zoning-free wilds instead. But, when it is Mother Nature at work, the same [logic] gets thrown out the window. Everyone buying land along the bayou knows that it is a very active waterway that is constantly reshaping its banks. But when a few dozen owners of very expensive real estate . . .  come crying to the government to protect them from a problem that was very open and obvious to them when they developed their properties, suddenly they are given a free pass from having to be responsible for their decisions. . . . Buffalo Bayou is just fine the way it is. Anyone with a stabilization issue can pay their own way to deal with it.” [Old School, commenting on  Comment of the Day: Keeping Buffalo Bayou in its Place] Photo of Buffalo Bayou: Save Buffalo Bayou

One Comment

  • The project has word DEMONSTRATION in it for a reason. The idea is to demonstrate to land owners more natural approaches to channel stabilization (rather than riprap/concrete walls) in a short segment of Buffalo Bayou that has adjacent public lands. If successful the hope is landowners upstream will choose to use these methods over less desirable methods and maintain the natural look of the channel. And what property owners are being bailed out? The only private landowner here is the golf course and they are paying for their portion. I am sure they would rather just dump tons of rip rap or put up an ugly concrete wall and be done with it but are trying to work with everyone.