Comment of the Day: Pricing Out Takeout Options for the House-Slash-Taqueria on Caroline St.

COMMENT OF THE DAY: PRICING OUT TAKEOUT OPTIONS FOR THE HOUSE-SLASH-TAQUERIA ON CAROLINE ST. “I think ‘less is more’,4504 Caroline, Museum District, Houston, 77004 in that I’d pay more for the house WITHOUT the attached taco stand. Don’t get me wrong — I love me some tacos — but I don’t need a stand attached to my house. That’s taking convenience too far.” [Major Market, commenting on 2-Story Single Family Home with Built-In Taco Stand Now Available in the Museum District] Photo of 4504 Caroline St.: HAR   Too close, too far for tacos

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  • It’s a cool idea to sell food from your house if you’re in a good location to do so and cooking is a hobby. But, there’s really no kitchen set-up to speak of inside that house so it doesn’t really make sense. Plus, all the regulations will probably make this impossible for the person who wants to try out serving pancakes on the weekend. Cool idea, but that house needs a lot of work and the backyard being all concrete is a killer.