Comment of the Day: Remembering Bennigan’s

COMMENT OF THE DAY: REMEMBERING BENNIGAN’S “It gets me thinking. I don’t remember when the original Bennigans closed. I can’t say I remember ever missing Bennigans. While I admit I ate at Bennigans a few times, I don’t remember a thing about it. It was neither good or bad–a remarkably unmemorable experience. I’m not sure about the new ones. . . .” [Will, commenting on The Texas Bennigan’s Begin Again]

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  • I waited tables at Bennigan’s for a couple semesters in college, and as far as I could tell its raison d’être was to provide a place for waiters to come get hammered and eat dinner after they got off their shifts. If your shift got cut before 10:00 you were sure not to make any money.

    From what I saw, the waiters and waitresses enjoying Bennigan’s late hours would have trouble remembering the experience too.