Comment of the Day: Renovatability Is In The Eye of the Beholder

COMMENT OF THE DAY: RENOVATABILITY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER 2 Memorial Point Ln., Piney Point, TX 77024“When we were home shopping in the Memorial Villages area, we considered several homes that were marketed as ‘Lot Value Only/No Showings of the House’. What I discovered was: 1) A buyer is a buyer. Any professional listing agent who is doing right by his client will be happy to show a home’s interior to a qualified buyer. (If he/she wants to renovate the house, that’s his/her business). 2) What is considered ‘lot value’ in Memorial Villages can be quite livable, even moderately luxurious, by ‘normal’ standards, including mine.” [Grant, commenting on Piney Point Home Listing Photo of the Day: Let It Slide] Photo of 2 Memorial Point Ln.: HAR

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  • Well said. And the converse is true. Many of the apartments people live in in Westwood, Greenspoint, and other rough parts of town are in far worse shape than the lot value only houses in Memorial. I mean really, it’s scary what those tenants have to put up with. I’ve walked some of those complexes.

  • ZAW: And yet they live there, why? If better options were available, for the same $, they’d move right?