Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Bogarting the Astrodome

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: BOGARTING THE ASTRODOME “The only roadblock to redevelopment of the Dome, as I see it, are two self-interested organizations that are afforded an unwarranted and undeserved say in the matter.” [TheNiche, commenting on Headlines: Itemizing Astrodome Tax Expenses; El Tiempo Cantina Heading South]

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  • Indeed! Texans team and the Rodeo need to buy the dome or shut up. The county is in charge. They are the ones the citizens elected.

  • wait. That article said the dome is insured! The arson investigators are run by the same city/county that operate the dome. Burn the thing down, collect insurance and call the big hole left in the ground ‘lake frawood’. HLSR could even open up the events to include sport fishing as a competition!

  • I would rephrase it as “They need to quit Bagwelling the Dome”. To “Bagwell” is to keep something around long after is is no longer useful, for sentimental reasons.

  • What I don’t understand is why these organizations are so short sited when it comes to plans for the Dome. The rodeo is big business and makes a lot of non taxible $. The Texans’ EBITA was 36MM for 2009 (It’s only gone up). Let’s remember that the Harris county taxpayers are paying for their nice NEW digs. Mr. McNAir and the rodeo wouldn’t be in business without us. I’d give their positions more weight if they actually paid for the full amount of Reliant Stadium. However, we payed for 61% of Reliant. HLSR and the Texans would make insane brownie points if they contributed to a re-purposing effort. Might I suggest the UH student’s idea AGAIN? A park doesn’t compete with their product. In fact, they could use it for tailgating, events, etc.
    And why do we need more parking anyway? Where is their study to support a notion that more parking is needed?! Didn’t the rodeo just buy the land on the other side of 610. Shouldn’t that suffice?

  • I have an idea that hasn’t come up yet, convert the Astrodome into convention space. The idea came to me as I wandered around OTC which took up the Reliant Center, the Astro Arena, and a good chunk of parking lot. The Dome could hold a completed drilling rig inside. Not to mention all those old luxury boxes could be used as hospitality rooms above the exhibit floor.

  • @DNAGuy, If I’m not mistaken, all new stadiums are funded by the franchise, sponsors, and hotel/rental car taxes. I believe this is what Houston voted for back when the stadium bond was on the ballot to try and lure an NFL team back here.

    I can’t believe how many people think the shell idea is so great for the dome when the major cost of any renovation of the dome for something other than an arena would be the gutting process.

  • “…the major cost of any renovation of the dome for something other than an arena would be the gutting process.”