Comment of the Day: Sampling Neighborhood Grasses

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SAMPLING NEIGHBORHOOD GRASSES Barefoot in the Grass“Next time you’re out walking your neighborhood, try playing ‘guess the grass.’ You may be surprised to find that many of your neighbors have fake grass and you never noticed until taking off your sandals and giving it a good rub down with the bottom of your foot. I find I go out of my way to kick off my shoes and ‘sample’ my neighbors’ grass when it looks a little too manicured and beautiful. I’m always surprised when I touch it and it turns out to be fake – this stuff really does look real.” [Brinn, commenting on Yes, Gotta Give ’Em Credit for All the Fake Grass in the Back Yard] Illustration: Lulu

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  • So, mossy concrete, neatly trimmed seasonal weeds, and wheelchair ramps covered with green indoor-outdoor carpet are not LEED-friendly lawn replacements?
    Grass guessing in the east end

  • Though I took Landscape Architecture I hardly think id need to to tell if grass were fake. This person was work for a fake grass supplier because no way would it fool me or anyone else on close inspection. It’s like saying that a rubber steak could be substituted for Prime NY Strip, on close inspection it doesn’t smell like steak, it doesn’t taste like steak and if you’re a stark lover it certainly isn’t a substitute. I guess rubber steak would be ok for a vegan, it’s fake with no aroma and has no taste, but he’s not going to eat it anyway. These fake lawns are great for those lazy souls who hate yard work and really don’t care to feel the cool grass under their feet not the aroma of wet or freshly cut grass. I don’t know of a soul in my entire neighborhood who has fake grass and I run or walk my dog all thru the neighborhood daily. Maybe it’s a Heights thing.

  • No. It doesn’t look real. Anyone can spot the fake a mile away.

  • Try walking on it barefoot in July when the grass heats up hotter than a blast furnace.

  • I walk across my St Augustine barefooted at all times of day all times of year. The grass doesn’t get that hot nor that cold at any time. This isn’t Phoenix when it’s 120 and you’re walking over hot rock.

  • If you mean AstroTurf as far as hot bare feet then I agree;)–lol

  • Take a picture with a infrared film. Healthy growing vegetation has strong response in that part of the spectrum. The fake stuff does not. That’s why they invented camouflage detection film during WWII. And no, I am not comparing these fake-grass loving LEED folks to Nazis…