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  • Sam Lowry’s house?

  • Isn’t this really normal for a zoned A/C system? My house has 3 zones and at attic looks similar. There isn’t a non-messy way to do it.

  • See, for my 3/4-million, I’d like for my ducting to *not* look like a snake pit during estrus. This just screams cheap, money spent elsewhere, no consideration for system efficiency, durability, or facilitating future repairs to it. I disagree, there are better ways to do it, but it will certainly cost more. I would be very surprised if the adders do not pay for themselves over 10-20 years of use.

  • Rodrigo,

    Are you a mechanical engineer that specializes in HVAC design? Aesthetic neatness does not automatically equate with efficiency, durability, etc.

  • FattyAcid, no, but I am a mechanical engineer who specializes in liquid and gas process piping and tubing design, so hopefully for me I’m not too far off the mark.

  • If you want to see inefficient and ugly, look at a house that has had central A/C added sloppily. All the closets will have these insulated tubes going between floor and ceiling, and none of them will be connected to either, so they fall over when you bump them.

    Lesson to people trying to sell a house: don’t add central A/C without doing a little drywall work, please.

  • @Rodrigo
    I’m not sure what the issue is here. It doesn’t matter what this shit looks like in the attic as long as its installed correctly.

  • I would guess that they did not perform any Manual J or S calculations on the HVAC system. All that extra length of duct takes away from the efficiency of the overall system. Flex-duct is never the way to go; all those internal ridges disrupt the air flow and make balancing the system very difficult. Rigid duct work FTW!
    What exactly is “Slab on Builders Pier”; ive been seeing this term a lot lately and havent been able to find any concrete information in terms of schematics and or construction codes.

  • @Swampy: Rigid ductwork is 10x the cost of flex duct due to higher materials cost and labor. Also, one 90 degree turn in a rigid duct does more to hamper air flow than 30 feet of internal ridges in flex. I had my HVAC completely removed and reinstalled, using Manual J, and flex duct – and cut my AC bill in half – along with added insulation and weather sealing, I have achieved modern house standards.

  • The ones on HGTV never look like that.