Comment of the Day: Scouting the Next Battleground for Houston’s Disyllabic Rebranding

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SCOUTING THE NEXT BATTLEGROUND FOR HOUSTON’S DISYLLABIC REBRANDING Livable Centers plan, Near Northwest, Houston, 77088‘Near Northwest’? . . . Cute . . . so in 5 years from now, are we gonna be calling this place NeNo?” [JoeDirt, commenting on Bayou-Side White Oak Village Hopes To Woo Cyclists, Ninja Warriors, Coffee Shop to Antoine Dr.] Rendering of neighborhood signage: Near Northwest Management District

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  • NeNo sounds cool. Let’s move there right away before the land prices get too high.
    Seems a natural extension of Garden Oaks, Oak Forest

  • Considering that a google search of “Acres Homes” will automatically suggest “Acres Homes Murders” and “Acres Homes Serial Killer”, I can see why people in this area are looking for some rebranding. And the area is ripe for renewal. People who were priced out of the GOOF are now buying in Inwood, where the golf course turned into drainage detention with the hike and bike path makes for a nice amenity.

  • How about calling it Portland?

  • Thuggetry Forest, Inhood, Near Ghetto, NW Dumping grounds, Section 8 land? All have a lovely ring of honesty to them..

  • “Southeast Austin Heights”

  • Based on recent trends, there is no other option than to Heights-ize the name by appending “Heights” to the nearest Mexican restaurant’s name. “Don Jose Heights” it is.

  • Show how far behind transplants are. Most people that have been in the loop since the 70’s know that the Near Northside just north of Downtown has been nicknamed NeNo for years, and not for any “cool” reason. Hell it’s even noted in a few local artists songs. Oh the yuppies. Keep thinking you’re innovators.

  • @native_american713
    Near Northside as “NeNo”? No, it has not. You are flat out making stuff up.

  • @OldPostCommenter If you’ve been listening to Houston rap from the early 90’s there are many references to it. Mostly mixtapes (the C&S remixes are my favorite), but none the less they’re there. Not to mention the NeNo Studios which shuttered for a few years and have since reopened over on Lorraine and Terry (no longer offering a recording studio). I don’t mind getting schooled about the neighborhood I grew up in, but only if it’s by someone who’s actually lived in it longer than the couple of generations our family has been rooted here. Next thing you know you’ll be telling me that Jose Torres Campos, Oscar de la Rocha, and Armando Litchenberger Jr were actually not from the NN and that their stories are fables as well. Oh and that the Castillo’s are the poorest family on this side of 45.