A Portrait of the Louisiana St. Pecan Tree in 24 Parts

Pecan tree remnants, 509 Louisiana St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Pecan Tree formerly at 509 Louisiana St., Downtown, Houston, 77002The majority of the pecan tree formerly growing at the northeast corner of 509 Louisiana St. has, as of yesterday afternoon, migrated to the far southeast corner of the adjacent lot at 517 Louisiana. A reader sends this snapshot peeking in on the scene from the lowercase alley behind the Lancaster Hotel (visible on the far left) toward the capitalized Alley Theatre in front (visible at the top of the shot, behind the small flock of green recycling bins). The reader disavows any claim to professional tree expertise, but notes that “the rotting story may have some validity.” (It remains to be seen whether the misty figure of Chief Bowl will follow the logs, or remain rooted to their former home.)


The tree, formerly growing in the hidden courtyard of the paint-company-turned-Star-of-Hope-eventually-turned-Longhorn-Cafe, was moved in pieces to the back corner of the lot formerly housing Charley’s 517; that building made its own storied transition through various types of automobile and industrial service before landing in the restaurant business. Both buildings were constructed in 1906 and demolished in January.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (rearranged pecan tree), KineticD (pecan in original configuration)

Piecing Out Downtown

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