Comment of the Day: Scrapes Off a Little Easier Though

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SCRAPES OFF A LITTLE EASIER THOUGH “Wallpaper is to houses what tattoos are to people. When you get it, you think that it looks great and cannot wait to show your friends. Twenty to thirty years later, you cannot look at it without going ‘ughhh’ and shuddering to yourself.” [Old School, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Kitchen Sampler]

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  • Sure, for bad wallpaper and bad tattoos the analogy holds.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen ‘good’ wallpaper

  • For that matter, I’ve ever seen “good” tattoos.

  • the difference is hardly any adult looks good 30 years later, plenty of houses still look great. I have seen (and have 1) good tattoos, I’ve seen a few cases where wallpaper was okay, but personally I will never put any up and would rip it out immediately if I bought a house with it.

  • Jason: Some of the nicer hotels (think “hipster” rather than “fancy” ) have pretty cool wallpaper. It’s mostly just simple stripes. I actually like it. Gives the place a nice modern look.

  • It is much easier and less painful to remove old wallpaper than an old tattoo. And you can have a party doing it.

  • Even a bad tattoo comes with a backstory. That’s at least something. Old wallpaper can’t even offer that much.