Comment of the Day: Show Us Your Pipes!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SHOW US YOUR PIPES! “Thats not stupid to show that. Thats’ not the inside of a sewer line, but it is the tunnel the plumbers have to dig to install the new sewer lines. A lot of old slab houses have broken sewer lines and you might never know. That work costs some serious jack!!” [Freddie J Jones, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photos of the Day: Fresh Sewage, Pipes]

One Comment

  • The tab for our MCM was $14K in 1999 and luckily was covered by insurance (now exclusion on homeowners’ policies). The tunnels were impressive, all dug by hand and perfectly sloped. Back then the issue was how to backfill the tunnels, one method was a form of mud pumping and the other was pounded stabilized sand. Our pictures of the project were definitely a selling point.

  • That plumbing is a work of art…