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  • ewww, what?!

  • Aww, I miss living in that neighborhood! Those pipes look pretty attractive, I think I should buy the house.. Hehe.

  • Honestly?!? Why don’t agents spell check their ads before posting them? That is a DEFINATE mistake.

  • A vintage McMansion from back in the day when they’d throw in an acre or so of land to go with it.

  • It comes with a cave? Cool.

  • Sweet Jesus! Will all the idiots please get off the world. I would like to make some money! This is an embarassment to all.

  • What the s#!t?

  • Wow, nothing says “welcome to your new home” like pictures of sewage pipes. Are those pictures really necessary? Is there no end to the stupidity of these realtors these days?

  • I can’t stop laughing…

  • Thats not stupid to show that. Thats’ not the inside of a sewer line, but it is the tunnel the plumbers have to dig to install the new sewer lines. A lot of old slab houses have broken sewer lines and you might never know. That work costs some serious jack!!

  • If you know anything about cast iron pipes, you should know that they don’t last more than 25 – 30 years. Freddie J. Jones is pretty sharp. This is NOT a minor improvement; this is a MAJOR improvement and adds GREAT value to a house.

  • We are renovating an old farm house where the bathroom was added in the early 50’s.

    It has cast iron plumbing which is still intact and usable. We are replacing it because we want to but it has lasted longer than 25-30 years.

  • I honestly think that buyers that are in this price range would want to know as much as they could about a home. If the Seller wants to show photos of work that has been done to the underground plumbing then I think they should without the criticism from others. so I really think that Swamplot should monitor the posts better than they are doing.

  • The MLS is to showcase the home, There are places for attachments, Seller’s Disclosures(which has plenty of space for this kind of information) additional documents, ammenity sheets…That is what those extra areas are for, Realtors as I am know this and use this as a professional. However some salespeople are just daft when it comes to common sense. A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes less is more.
    If this is new work why is it a big hole under the house, is it a slab or pier and beam? What kind of additional work will be needed. What other problems does this house have, typical remarks from intelligent agents and buyers.

  • These would have been great pics for the NGG!

  • The thought of the agent climbing down there with her camera has me chuckling.

  • I am not sure if Phyllis was the one that crawled down there to get the pics, but could definitely be highlighted in a the docs section of the listing as additional work done on the property. I live in that area and that house is a lot of money given the patchiness of the neighborhood. looking forward to reading more comments on this. My vote, keep those out of the gallery pics.

  • Honestly I really dont think the agent crawled down there to take the photos…It must of been taken during the process of the work being done. @BeLzububba…you are right by saying that the pics should of been put on a other docs section and not on the mls Pics.

  • “so I really think that Swamplot should monitor the posts better than they are doing.”

    Mike- what you meant to say is that you want swamplot to censor the posts that you don’t like.

  • No…I think that there should be no bashing of professionals is all…kinda tacky…and very immature is all.

  • Define “professional.”

  • heres the definition: “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace”. If you need anything else please do hesitate to let me know. :)

  • Mike-
    I think the success of Swamplot derives from 2 things- the cleverness + inventiveness of Gus’s posts, and the free for all that is the comments. Realtors and civilians making comments about other professionals? Wouldn’t be Swamplot without it.
    Now that the blog concept has become a marketing tool, there are plenty of places you can go for self promoting, cheery, everything-is-beautiful blogs- but nobody reads’em.
    But you can get monitored content lots of places if you want.

  • Mike, some apparently think it was not “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace” to post pictures of sewage pipes on HAR. Your move.

  • @harold…This is true…I still stand behind my comments earlier that the bashing of agents is tacky. I guess if thats is how its done, then thats how its done. I believe in the freedom of speech…and by the way, its not sewer lines!!!

  • @Mel…yes I agree with you that apparently some think it is not…you included. The only point I was making was the bashing of business professionals….Ive seen plenty of things on HAR and mind you this is not that bad. I also understand the Realty Schools are pushing out hundreds of agents to this industry every month that should not be in this industry. I know this agent personally and I believe she is one of the best agents in this industry. Everyone is allowed a hiccup every now and then…myself included! Regardless of that, I still think that people should clearly withhold some comments from being post like ‘From Jcthoutx:
    What the s#!t?
    July 6, 2011 at 7:28 pm’. Just goes to show you that instead of typing what you are thinking maybe you should type something intelligent.

  • I own this home and it was my fault. I’m the one that said “sewer lines” vs. “drain lines”. I’ve had Cancer and wasn’t thinking clearly, and have slowed down in my practice of law. That project costs in the neighborhood of $28,000. Of course the tunnels were filled after the new plumbing was completed. Didn’t mean to cause so much disturbance. I asked the person inputting the photos to add the new drain line photos. Phyllis didn’t even know. She’s a Top Producer Realtor, and I respect her very much. It is a beautiful home with a lot of expansion potential. Thank you.

  • Don’t worry Tom. Those who know what they’re looking at will get the information you intended them to get.

  • Thank you for your compassion Movocelot!