The Low-Down on a Post Oak Park Condo

Intrigued by the low asking price on this one-bedroom condo just inside the West Loop — but curious what sorts of interesting things might be lurking, say, under the refrigerator? Crawl on in and have a look around with us:


All 952 sq. ft. of this unit can be yours for just $69,900. Did you get a load of the floors on this 1975 ground-level find! Now pick yourself up off of them. Did we mention the little $587 monthly maintenance fee?

Plenty of electrical outlets!

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  • I guess the easter bunny is moving out of the Galleria…

  • Very nice, I wonder when people are going to finally understand that laminate floors that look like that are NOT good for resale… :/

  • That’s not a condo, that’s a dance studio.

  • I’m guessing the photographer was really short.

    And what’s with the tub? Is that cardboard?

  • I didn’t understand the “crawl” comment, until I saw the angle of the photos. Clever, clever.

  • You all aren’t being snarky towards the world’s shortest mini-midget photograper, are you? His rates are so low………

  • Shoe cam. ;)

  • I guess the photographer wanted to make the 8′ ceilings, look like 10′ ceilings.

  • No no, you all have it all wrong. I have been in this place, and the ceilings are 20′, outlets are 3′ off the floor and huge, doors are 12′ tall, and the baseboards are a foot high. Just kidding.

  • Well, the listing says ‘wood’ floors. Oh, and that’s a garden tub in the master bath.

    That explains everything.

  • I like how the mirror wall makes the room look twice as yellow.

  • Those HOA fees are exactly why I didn’t go the condo route. That 500/month fee isn’t that uncommon I found out. I almost bought one place …until I found out there was a 1200/month mait fee. No wonder it was in forclosure! Some HOA’s are criminal.

  • “Energy features: Ceiling fan” Ha, ha!!!!

  • Obviously, these were taken with the “Barney Cam”. I am glad to see that Barney has a new gig after moving out of the White House.

  • when i lived here the maintence fee includes cable and electric, units were not submetered. wiring is aluminum in these.

  • I am often prooved wrong but those look like wood floors to me, not laminate. The side of the tub is the plywood facing the wwrong way. My guess would be that someone had been doing some plumbing and didn’t put it back after thay had finished.

  • I think they are using one those snake-cameras that special forces use to look under doors. I’m guessing that neon-yellow captured the attention of homeland security.

  • In the third photo after the jump, you can see the photographer squatting down in the mirror.

  • At least these photos are from a higher angle than Fresh Sewage, Pipes.

  • Lovely the color scheme of a 70’s can of sprite and the typical barbie house.. Awful..

  • All women in skirts…be warned! Stay away from that realtor. He has a shoe-cam!

  • At first I thought we were all going to feel crappy when we found out the photographer was wheelchair-bound, but then I noticed you could see him squatted in #4.

  • This is a little off subject, but what is the point of this trend of removing vanity cases from bathrooms and putting these pedestal sinks (with, like, zero storage space) in? This isn’t a biggie for guest half-baths, but rather impractical for full bathrooms.