Comment of the Day: The Easy AstroWorld Redevelopment Plan

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE EASY ASTROWORLD REDEVELOPMENT PLAN “A giant farm. Organic local produce, chickens/eggs, goats for milk. Some cows. A pavilion for events. Call it Astro Village Acres. Moo.” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on Comment of the Day: 104-Acre Vacant Former AstroWorld Site Is a Developer’s Dream]

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  • No -hick-free zone. It’s just too high-profile a site. Maybe, “Mayor Bob”‘s front yard instead.

  • I’m pretty sure that would add up to what??? $95 a tomato…

  • Take it a step further and make it the HISD district-wide FFA site. Little critters and crops all over the place.

  • Well I hope it’s something either socially or economically progressive. That whole area outside the Loop abutting South Houston is pretty sketchy. Being so close to Reliant stadium, surely there’s room for one more hotel.