Comment of the Day: The Morning Ritual

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE MORNING RITUAL Drive-Thru Line at Starbucks“. . . They subject themselves to the wait. They have to sit in their cars, inching forward, seething with rage at the a-hole in front for being slow, cursing the a-hole behind for being impatient, wasting precious minutes of finite existence, instead of sipping a cup of joe in tranquil splendor with the morning digital paper at the kitchen table. I understand the desire for convenience. I don’t understand how morning rush hour Starbucks can be seen as anything but torture.” [Memebag, commenting on Hedwig Village’s New Freeway-Side Starbucks Drive-Thru Is Coming To Save Your Missed Exit] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Not to mention the bladder-busting joy of that added ten minutes if there’s an accident or construction after you’ve had your Starbucks.

  • @ marmer: Exactly! That’s why I have my coffee at the office. Added benefit: I can keep the $5 spent on Starbucks and put it towards my financial liberation plan (aka retirement).

  • I just park the car and get my cappuccino inside. It’s faster than the line.

  • not to mention that at most locations, if you get out of your car and walk the 20 feet into the store, you get your coffee in a fraction of the time the that it takes for the numbskulls in the drive-through.