Hedwig Village’s New Freeway-Side Starbucks Drive-Thru Is Coming To Save Your Missed Exit

Construction of New Starbucks Drive-Thru at 8819 Katy Fwy. at Brogden Rd., Hedwig Village, Houston

Former Village Mobil at 8819 Katy Fwy. at Brogden Rd., Hedwig Village, HoustonHeaded into the Loop along I-10 and missed the exit for the Starbucks in the shopping center at Echo Ln.? Construction has already begun on your new inbound coffee-stop backup. The former site of the stone-encrusted Village Mobil gas station at the corner of Brogden and the eastbound Katy Fwy. feeder road (pictured here as it appeared before it was torn down last year) between Campbell and Voss is currently being transformed into a brand-new Starbucks drive-thru, a source tells Swamplot. And you can reach it from the next exit, for Bingle and Voss — if, in your uncaffeinated state, you can move 3 lanes over on the feeder fast enough. (If not, just apologize to the drivers you almost cut off and try to duck into the Sweet Tomatoes parking lot across the way to work your way back; if you miss that, you can take a mile-long turnaround through the neighborhood by making a right turn on Old Voss Rd.)


The new Starbucks at 8819 Katy Fwy. will sit at the back of the site (pictured at top), which is in front of Collina’s. The drive-thru will wind around the back of the building with drivers facing east.

Photos: Brian Saxenian (construction); LoopNet (Village Mobil)

Katy Fwy. Coffee Chase

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  • This project represents 2 years of hard work by developer and UH grad Brian Saxenian

  • I don’t get it. I had to get someone coffee from a Starbucks last week during morning rush hour. It was a mad house. Why would anyone subject themselves to that when it’s so easy to make better coffee at home?

  • memebag, it’s all about not having to actually do anything other than pay someone to make your half-caff, 1/4 soy, 1/4 almond, 1/2 heavy cream latte.
    I think if people did the math though, they’d figure out that the $700 espresso machine that you simply fill with your choice of beans and milk is actually a good investment. you can get sauces and syrups online to complete the deal. making coffee quicker and way cheaper than the starbucks experience.
    the simplest explanation is that starbucks is the fast food of coffee, nothing more.

  • But they subject themselves to the wait. They have to sit in their cars, inching forward, seething with rage at the a-hole in front for being slow, cursing the a-hole behind for being impatient, wasting precious minutes of finite existence, instead of sipping a cup of joe in tranquil splendor with the morning digital paper at the kitchen table.
    I understand the desire for convenience. I don’t understand how morning rush hour Starbucks can be seen as anything but torture.

  • Memebag: I don’t get why someone would wait In line in their car for coffee in the morning either. However I’ve driven through, normally when I’m on a long(ish) dive and decide I want some coffee.
    The majority of my starbs visits are walks to the Monteose/Hawthorne location. No drive through. Plesent outdoor seating. Nice walk to/from

  • Cody, that’s sad that you would choose to walk to starbucks in montrose, never mind the 50 or so local coffee shops down near dunlavy, you’re maybe 2 blocks from the best espresso in town, southside coffee.

  • Or he could turn south instead of north and go to Siphon on W. Alabama at Greeley.

  • People: Like Cody , I don’t have the TIME like some of you holier than thou , self-anoited / self-appointed Earth ‘friendly”, we think we’re Too Cool / Way Too Enamored with Yourselves denizens of the Inner
    Loop / trying way too hard to be cooler than the “cool” person next to you. Spending $4-10 for a cup of artisanal ,over priced coffee/espresso/whatever -the frick-ever you’re drinking! . Time is the commodity no one ever gets back. He bottom lines his time(we all do,or should)! Those of us who run a MONEY making business have to allot our time. We don’ t have all fricking day to lolly gag around the supposedly hip & cool areas of town drinking and eating the au currant beverages /foods of the moment. We have businesses to run, families/loved ones to support and lives to live !! Yes, it’s nice- if & when one has time to take a chill break, but most of us in the REAL world expend our time judiciously !!! By the way Swamplot, there is an easier way to get back around to this drive through Sbux but it’s one of my many GOOD secrets which I’m not sharing!!!! Memebag – of course you DON”T and probably NEVER will get it , precious..