Comment of the Day: Honoring The Secret Fungal Author of the Houston Saga

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HONORING THE SECRET FUNGAL AUTHOR OF THE HOUSTON SAGA toxic-mold“The toxic mold madness explains the entire history of our region. Think about it: the cannibal Karankawas on the Island of Doom, the ignominious and mysterious defeat of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the mass hallucination that Buffalo Bayou was a navigable waterway on which a major port could be constructed, the race for space, the Candy Man, Mattress Mack and the subsequent mattress obsession, Robert Durst, the tree holocaust, and so on. We should name toxic mold as the official mold of the City of Houston.” [Memebag, commenting on What Floated and What Didn’t by the Halstead Apartments at N. Braeswood and 610] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Also – Bill List, Karla Faye Tucker, ENRON derivatives, Clara Harris, Adult Diaper Astronaut Love Triangle, The Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom of Channelview…

  • Ummm, Buffalo Bayou was navigable. And a major port was constructed.

  • @Mike: It is now. When (original corrupt developers and toxic mold victims) the Allen brothers created Houston, though, it was shallow and full of snags and sandbars. Longer ships had to back up into White Oak just to turn around. It took the Laura 3 days to travel just 12 miles.

  • I believe this. Houston is a moldy, stuffy place. But it’s not irredeemable. The new Tesla X has biohazard air filters, and that’s a *car*. Imagine if that ethos took over home construction! Get some legit economies of scale going in that direction and, poof, suddenly everyone’s in a better mood, more productive at work, school, etc etc. It’s the Houston Standard, a scientifically engineered enhanced QOL!

  • I’m insane with the toxic mold and I”m in a great mood. All the damn time. Don’t filter my sunshine.