Comment of the Day: The Self-Driving Bus Asphalt Palimpsest Challenge

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE SELF-DRIVING BUS ASPHALT PALIMPSEST CHALLENGE “Have any readers here taken the [southbound] exit off of 59 to the West Loop lately? If some hypothetical autonomous driving system could navigate that tangle of past and present lane markings, then they might just have something to build on.” [TimP, commenting on METRO Now Testing Out Self-Driving Buses for Houston] Photo: Roy Luck [license]

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  • @TimP the 610/59 interchange, all directions, is the acid test for any self-driving vehicle application, as far as I’m concerned.

  • also the 290 lane spaghetti during construction with exits closed/moved and lane locations changing periodically as construction slowly progresses. and it needs to be able to detect when a car is broken down at a stoplight and be able to go around it even if that breaks some traffic rule. also sometimes ive driven to an event where they are having people park on a lawn, and id be interested to see how a fully autonomous car handles that.