Low Bridge, Comin’ Down: The Southmore Blvd. Overpass Across 288 Is No More

The Southmore bridge — known to get real cozy with floodwaters as they course down 288 — made its last stand this weekend as crews cleared the way for a new, presumably higher roadway that’ll be built in its place. Lanes of 288 — pictured above from the northbound side — shut down to accommodate the demolition. The bridge itself had been closed since earlier this month closed on Friday. Now, thru-traffic is being detoured to the Blodgett and Binz St. bridges across the highway via its north- and southbound feeder roads. The estimated opening date for the new structure: mid-to-late next year.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (from Southmore); Drive288 (from 288)

High-Speed Demolition

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  • They only shut the bridge down on Friday April 20th before demolishing it.

  • @Paul Thanks! The post has been updated to include this correction

  • At that location, they should do what Columbus, OH did and add enough space onto the new bridge for buildings lining the roadway (there’s room at the corners for parking requirements) and sell the space to developers to fund the additional cost. End result would be a continuous commercial street rather than one broken by the freeway. Win-win.

  • That sounds like it would’ve been pretty cool, Christian.

  • Thanks for mentioning the Columbus project, Christian. That concept is really something.