Comment of the Day: Those Kids

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THOSE KIDS “. . . Let me be clear. I know exactly where I live and knew where I was moving to 8 years ago. And contrary to what assumptions have been made, I love where I live and am proud of where I live. I love the history behind it. There are great people who live in all parts of this neighborhood all the way down the street to where crack is being sold. When I read this article the first thing that pops into my head is ‘park=kids=hangout.’ I am actually glad that they’re doing what they’re doing instead of putting up yet another apartment complex. The more green and conservation and beautification, the better. A park is a park, meaning where people will congregate which also means kids. Understand that when I posted this comment, I was fresh off of witnessing kids stealing a man’s phone and he being helpless to get it back. And the kids live in this neighborhood. Which just refreshed my memory of my neighbor getting his windows busted out while driving to his house by kids that live in this neighborhood who thought it would be fun to throw rocks at cars driving down the street. I think to when I was riding my scooter and kids that live in this neighborhood thought it would be fun to throw rocks at me while I was driving down the street almost causing me to wreck. I am aware that crime happens in every neighborhood. And despite the 3 instances I just wrote about I have no desire to move. I am happy to see historical sites preserved. In fact there were plans to pave some of the streets here, including mine. As many broken peices of brick there that makes it a pain on any car to drive over, the bricks are staying and will be preserved and I’m so glad! . . .” [Holly, commenting on New Fourth Ward Park of the Open Church]

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  • Does anybody have an update on the 35 story luxury apartment bldg on Weslayan, or the apartment procect going on the 7 acres on Las Palmas? I haven’t seen any activity.

  • I have “kids”, 2 of them and there is no way in hell they would pull the stuff your alluding to. You have asshole criminals that happen to be under 18. “Kids” ascribes some type of innocence which these cretins/dirt-bags in your neighborhood lack.

  • and if i had a nickel for every overbearing parent that assumes they know every right and wrong thing their kid has ever done….

    anyhow, a reasonable definition of “kid” is anyone of the ability to supsend reasonable judgement and act like a cretin/dirt-bags or be used and taken advantage of by said cretins/dirt bags. this includes all criminals, and any little angel darlings as well.

  • Ummm…in my ‘hood, when “kids” do things like that, I speak directly with their parents, expecting punishment and reparation for any damages. If that doesn’t work, I file charges with HPD for theft, vandalism, assualt, etc.

    You must be one timid crime victim…

  • Those are not kids, those are criminals that in a couple of years will graduate to theft and murder. A rock is considered a deadly projectile which constitutes a threat to life or threat of serious injury which according to Texas CHL laws allows a response with deadly force. If some douchebag was throwing rocks at me they would quickly receive .45 lead poisoning.

  • Did I read that right, you would shoot a kid who threw a rock at you??? Thanks for your comment, George Zimmerman.

  • Mel,
    If someone throws a rock at you in such a way that it can be argued that there was a likelihood of that action causing great bodily harm, then that person can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Whether you would want to shoot at him or not is your choice. However it wouldn’t be unreasonable in certain scenarios. By the way, your reference to George Zimmerman is lame. It hasn’t been shown that George Zimmerman was attacked. Hence, the controversy.

  • I am glad Holly is so optimistic about what I find (as a fellow happy-near-downtown dweller) to be a pretty objectively unsafe area. You, a woman (I assume), have literally been attacked! By children! And have witnessed it happen to others… I hope you’re legitimately not concerned, and that it’s not just some delusional, race-to-the-bottom hipsterism that’s preventing you from choosing somewhere else to live. Stay safe!

  • Walrus, if you think a rick throwing kid should be met with lethal force, than my Zimmerman analogy applies to you as well.

  • Rock, not rick. Thanks, autocorrect!

  • Mel, You can lay in the street bleeding (and possibly dying) from a wound to head from thrown rock. I’ll be happy to defend your life if I happened to come across such a scene.