Comment of the Day: Waiting Impatiently for the Trendy Developer Nicknames To Spread North

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR THE TRENDY DEVELOPER NICKNAMES TO SPREAD NORTH “The dumbest is ‘Near Northside’, separating it from the actual Northside, which no one understands unless you live there. So you have to tell people ‘Acres Homes’ (which it is not at all) or say ‘behind the Fiesta’ or ‘behind Gallery Furniture on 45 North.’ What other point of reference is there — across the freeway from Dago’s? Basically I’m waiting for gentrification to name my hood something that gentrifiers can easily recall.” [Robin, commenting on Comment of the Day: When They Move the Neighborhood To Sell the Home] Photo: Dago’s Tatt00 & Piercing Studio

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  • NoHo. North Houston. It’s what I’ve been calling it and it has been spreading awhile.

  • ^^ I sort of like the simplicity of Dago or DaGoNoHo if you need to give inner loopers some idea as to what direction. Or if Mattress Mack buys the Rockets: SavesYouMoneyTodaytown? I’m a maligned inner-looper so really anything north of I-10 is the Woodlands to me.

  • Acres Heights