You Too Can Get In on the Hardy Yards Brownfield Redevelopment Action

Currently listed for an undisclosed amount on CBRE’s website: a 10.69-acre chunk of the former Union Pacific railyard brownfield property previously sketched up for future conversion to the Hardy Yards mixed-use development. The section up for grabs appears to snuggle up to the west against a piece of land owned by Metro, whose Burnett Transit Center and light-rail Red Line are elevated above that semi-catching segment of N. Main St. tunnel; the parcel extends east to the new-ish segments of Fulton and Leona St., likely not too far from the spot where that rail car full of lithium batteries blew up back in April.

On the other side of the site, meanwhile, the Residences at Hardy Yards apartments are under construction, per photos from the Zieben Group published back in May:


Photos: CBRE (listing flier); Chris Andrews (Hardy Yards sign); Zieben Group (bottom)

Near Northside Reallocations

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  • This boondoggle is done after the 45-Re-Route. Unless you want to live under a freeway, they will need to give that land away. I hope they can fill those new apartments but I think that is going to be a monument to the “Built it too soon” museum.

  • Mr.Clean19: The freeway will remain south of the railroad tracks, so there will be at least a little space between it and new development. Furthermore, while I personally wouldn’t want to have my close-up view out my window to be a multilane freeway, it would hardly be the first new apartment project to have this feature in Houston.

  • Ugh, if there is enough tax credits handed out. I am sure the tenants can get over the freeway.

  • There are freeways everywhere in Houston. Especially this close to downtown, you’re never more than a few blocks from one. What’s the big deal?