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  • That is a beautiful house.

  • This looks like something out of the next season of American Horror Story. Complete with wide angle shots

  • The Chron just did a story on this place, and their photos make the place look terrible. Object lesson in professional versus amateur real estate photography.

  • Good bones, seems to me & sun room is wonderful. I covet the over-the-top mirror in the master bedroom vestibule. Could use a child mannequin hanging from the ceiling.

  • Ok. The print patterns on the furniture and wall paper are way too busy when put together. But did you see what they have in the rest of the house? CCCCCCOOOOOLLLLLLOOOOORRRRSSSS!!!!!!!! Yes! It can be done! Come on rich people! Say no to monochromaticism. Say yes to color!

  • This is actually one of the best renovations of a vintage house that we have in Houston. The photo magnifies the effect of the wallpaper, I grant you, but please consider. These folks declined to scrape this house in 1998 and put their money into a thorough, well-planned restoration and architect-designed additions. Most people who think they want to do that – throughout our non-historic-district neighborhoods, not just in River Oaks – don’t do it, ultimately, and they end up with a bright shiny new mcmansion and a smug architect. And Houston loses yet another lovely old home and another piece of history hits the Daily Demolition Report. These owners stuck to their guns.

  • I’m stoked to see a whitetail deer head hanging on the wall in a house in River Oaks. ‘Murca!

  • Agree with Penny; the essence of the house has been preserved, and hope the next owners are equally respectful of the structure.
    Must admit that my first reaction to the décor was “Whoa, Nellie!”, but it would be a less interesting world if we all shared the same taste.