New Hardy Yards Pedestrian and Cyclist Flourishes Show Off Brownfield Railroad Ties

Hardy Yards, Near Northside, Houston, 77026

Not many signs of the buildings yet — but Chris Andrews notes the new benches, sidewalks, and railyard-themed signage recently installed in the formerly-a-railyard Hardy Yards site, along some initial roadways laid out for that planned mixed-use redevelopment complex. The signage above, complete with what appear to be segments of decorative rail track, is at the corner of now-extended Chapman and Leona streets.  Here’s a look at a new industrial-chic bike rack installed nearby, with a bonus glimpse of a few of the warehouses along parallel-ish Burnett St. visible to the north:


Hardy Yards, Near Northside, Houston, 77026

From the south side of Leona St., here’s the Burnett Transit Center station, where those Hardy Yards letters are located (when they’re not out for post-collision repair):

Hardy Yards, Near Northside, Houston, 77026

Trash cans, benches, fire hydrants, and greenery, all in place:

Hardy Yards, Near Northside, Houston, 77026

Images: Chris Andrews

Tracking Near Northside

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  • what a great view. almost as good as the one from the police officers memorial.

  • why can’t this ENTIRE area be like the palm center redo. Mass Affordable Housing near downtown though?

  • This is so like the Mueller area of Austin – just a big, inviting plain to cram apts and retail into!

  • Reminds me of the Mueller area also.

  • Mueller is I would guess 20 times larger. Oh and they actually built stuff there.

  • Wasn’t this the site of Metro and City of Houston’s proposed intermodal station. The station which would connected Amtrak (and future commuter rail) with light rail and a new bus station. I thought this was the site, but now I make be mistaken.