Hardy Yards Letters Get Roughed Up Again Under the Red Line Overpass

Hardy Yards sign, Burnett at Main St., Near Northside, Houston, 77026

The recent restoration of the Hardy Yards district sign’s upright stature and youthful good looks appears to have been short-lived — Christopher Andrews found the H sprawled flat on its back over the weekend, with a few of the other letters also looking less than fully vertical in the late-night shot above (peering east down Burnett St. from the corner with N. Main under the light-rail overpass). Metro says it’s on the case, again.

Photo of Hardy Yards signage: Christopher Andrews

N. Main at Burnett

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  • We can never have nice stuff!

  • It’s obviously a Houston hater. Put a video camera on it to catch the a$$hole the next time.

  • Personally would love to catch the perps and make sure they are punished. BUT…having seen this happen now, wouldn’t it make sense to make these a little tougher? If a teenager can kick them over (my presumption here), maybe they should be made out of solid steel, sunken in concrete. Then the teenager gets a sore foot and Houston stays pretty. Few things are a match for a flying car, though.

  • @Superdave… no they just then grab a can or two of spray paint or large Sharpie’s.

  • Who put these letters here? What is their motivation? Are they trying to brand this place as part of a bigger plan to “create a vibrant urban district”? Those words make me want to kick over an “H”, too.

  • Guess they just need to get some hardier signs. Get it? Har-dee har har.

  • Just re-brand to Ardy Ard and people will smile

  • Yes very nice home.
    The ‘cone check’ platform is curious, though.
    I want to see a phone booth standing there, or,
    lift up the floor to access basement stairs.

  • Walk up one block north and you’ll find the perp.

  • @Nawfside
    Your comment on the previous article just became more relevant.

    “One area of concern to neighbors is that these Hardy Yards Signs appear to be on city property. With how hard the city makes it for civic clubs to put up neighborhood markers, it is baffling that they allow these developers to post signs on public property and makes you wonder who is paying the light bill.”

  • It’s people tried of outsiders coming in and taking over their communities via gentrification.

  • If people are tired of other people “taking over” then they shouldn’t sell them their houses then. But the $ smells real good, don’t it?