Comment of the Day: The Biggest Backup on the Way to Work

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE BIGGEST BACKUP ON THE WAY TO WORK “The worst part of the commute is the parking garage. I live in the Loop and have a roughly 20 minute commute — I timed it at 21 yesterday morning at 8:45 and I got home in 16 around 6 but it often takes me 10 minutes or more to navigate the parking garage and its the most agonizing 10 minutes of the day. On days I don’t drive it’s not the lack of traffic that makes me smile, it’s not having to honk at someone who is about to hit me in reverse because they can’t figure out that no matter how hard they try their Denali is not going to fit into that compact spot.” [cellardwellar, commenting on Comment of the Day: Enjoying the Fruits of Commuting] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Reminds me of a game I like to play at the Whole Foods on Waugh. **Count the number of SUVs in the Compact Only spots** Last time I was there it was 8, but I doubt that’s the record.

  • The Dude,
    I’ve been curious about those “compact car” parking spaces. Both my sedan and my wife’s Honda CRV fit very comfortably in those spots.

  • “Compact car” in Houston means a medium-sized SUV or one of the smaller pickup trucks. Large SUVs and full size pickups need not apply.

  • I like to park in the hybrid only spots at Best Buy. Right up by the entrance. :)

  • If my SUV is twice the size of a “compact” car, then it’s only fair if I take up two compact car parking spots, that’s the way math works.

  • Like. Likelikelikelike. Parking (legally) is half the drive, even with a good garage.

  • “If my SUV is twice the size of a “compact” car, then it’s only fair if I take up two compact car parking spots, that’s the way math works.”

    And if the parking lot owners don’t have the balls to tow you away, well then LOLz on them. Welcome to the new wild west!

  • I’ve never really understood those yellow stripes in the lots that I have to park my Escalade over.

  • We have a mid-size car & it seems to me the compact slots vary from store to store. Just eyeball it. Use to work where, yes, getting out of the parking garage was a major part of the trip!

  • When there is an empty spot next to a huge truck parked over the line in the garage I make sure that they learn how to get in their truck from the passenger side.

  • @Frank, and I am sure they thank you with a door ding or two, I know I would. I Personally can’t stand the arrogance of people who think they are better than someone else because they drive a small compact car, or a glorified golf cart. Then again I can’t stand the arrogance of stores who cater to a certain type of vehicle either. If you dont need a truck in your lot, you don’t need my money either – and I generally have quite a bit more money than the D’bag driving the mini-cooper.

  • Frank- thanks for being awesome.

  • marksmu- projecting much? That you conclude your anti-small car rant with a brag about your wealth kind of underminds whatever point you tried to make.

  • Mel, where I live, if someone like marksmu or commonsense tried to pull their little stunts, they WILL get towed. The owner of the apartment complex got tired of residents having difficulties in finding parking spaces that they’ve really cracked down on people taking two spaces, parking over the line, using the parking lot as a visitors lot for the neighborhood etc. Didn’t take long for those idiots to get the message. Some people don’t understand common courtesy and have to learn it the hard way.

    I don’t think I am superior for driving a 4 cylinder wonder, but I am rather amused when I hear the owners of big ass trucks and SUV whine about how much it costs to fill up their rides. If I am feeling especially malicious, I will tell them about how little it costs to fill up my car.

  • Hanabi-chan- In a high speed wreck, which would you rather be in, a full sized vehicle, or your sardine can? ;p

  • I drive a Toyota pickup and I park between the lines every time because it’s really not that difficult.

  • @marksmu
    The “ding or two” thing works both ways. If you are going to park using one and a quarter space, don’t be surprised when someone like me squeezes into the space next to you anyway. And I will be making a point when I open my door.

  • Big 4×4: A huge vehicle is pretty much useless to me. I drive 50 miles round trip to work 5 days a week. I don’t have to transport a lot of people,usually it is just myself, and my kid and myself in the afternoons and weekends. I don’t feel like spending a chunk of paycheck to fuel a car just to get to work. As for safety, sure a big old car or truck would be nice, but to justify the higher costs of fuel? I can’t justify that.

    Frank, a lot of people can park their large vehicles within a space without a problem. The ones that can’t just don’t care if they inconvenience anyone else. Courtesy is not in these people’s vocabulary.

  • @Frank
    It’s not difficult for you because you are probably a decent human being. Not everyone can aspire to such lofty expectations.

  • I misread the post – I thought he was referring to the cars that take up more depth than a space has, not the width. Some folks can’t help how long their vehicle is….I dont even try for small parking spaces – not b/c I think they should be reserved for small cars only, rather in a garage, if another car or two pulls in on my sides and then another behind me, I literally can not back out b/c the turning radius is too great. I have seen plenty of folks get upset b/c some trucks are too long. As to the reserved spots – I spend my money only where I can park easily. If parking is inconvenient, if I can’t park b/c your lot is designed terribly, and park for free, I wont go. I refuse to pay for parking except for special events.

  • How much spare time do you people have that you can sit here all day arguing about the way each other park their damn cars!?!? Holy *#*$ get on with your day people!

  • Our parking garage has the end spaces at the turns designated as compact. A truck will easily fit in the width, but the extended length impedes the view of those making the turn on the two way ramp. They don’t seem to understand that. And of course, the truck drivers all seem to aspire to be firefighters, since they all feel compelled to back their behemoths in, even where signage prohibits that annoying habit.

  • @Big4X4: The safer vehicle. Bigger and safer are two entirely different things.