Comment of the Day: What’s Still Missing from the Top of the Central Square Plaza Redo

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHAT’S STILL MISSING FROM THE TOP OF THE CENTRAL SQUARE PLAZA REDO “After all the beautiful exterior enhancements, does Claremont plan to update and restore functionality of the enormous electronic retro clock on top of the building? The building now looks so nice. I can’t believe the clock sitting on top has not been restored, paint peeling off and not turned on, especially when it completes the whole retro-mod feel of the entire project.” [Unsure About This, commenting on Midtown’s Redone Central Square Plaza Looking To Lure Tenants to Its Empty Ground Floor] Photo of former Central Square Plaza clock: meltedplastic [license]

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  • back when it still worked, i lived in a place where i could see that clock and i used it as the one i set all the other clocks to as well as the official ‘midnight on New Year’s Eve’ clock. it was handy. i’d love to see it working again.

  • While the building had been vacant for at least a decade or more…in the early 90’s that clock was working…