Comment of the Day: Why, Folks, Conditioned Air is Just the Beginning!

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHY, FOLKS, CONDITIONED AIR IS JUST THE BEGINNING! “‘Yes sir, Houston is a city of modernity, a city on the move. (pause for a drag on a cigarette) From the time you arrive at the handsome new air terminal equipped for a new era in transportation, to your check-in at the completely air-conditioned Shamrock, the crown jewel of the southwest, you’ll find that can-do spirit everywhere you look. Cruise along the city’s extensive network of freeways, and, what’s that? (cigarette) It’s the infrastructure that provides — powers not only your vehicle, but the nation –– the largest concentration of chemical production and oil refining anywhere. The heartbeat of the beacon of democracy. And it’s all in Houston, a city on the go. Houston: the city of tomorrow. (cigarette) (Stock production music swells to a triumphant closing fanfare, helicopter shot on the Houston skyline, and scene).'” [MJ, commenting on Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Dropping In on Houston in 1957]

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