Trammell Crow Removing Wilchester Retail Ruins To Build Another Alexan

Trammell Crow seems to be planning another of its Alexan-brand apartments here — at the southwest corner of the Katy Fwy. and Wilcrest Rd. This would be about 9 miles west of Trammell Crow’s so-called Alexan Silber at 7777 Katy Fwy. This photo from a reader shows what remains of the Phillips 66 station, one of the structures on the site bound on the south by Lasso Ln. that the reader says the Wilchester Homeowners Association has learned will be demolished; the station’s underground tanks are already being torn up.


In addition, says the reader, the La Quinta Inn at 11113 Katy Fwy. will go, and the closed Steak & Ale restaurant, and the smallish strip center where the Nosegay Wilcrest Flower Shop is. (You can see that in the photo below.) As many as 400 units — both apartments and townhomes, apparently — could be built.

This proposed development would be nearly adjacent to the Wilchester Elementary School facing Yorkchester Dr. and less than a mile from the rental townhomes proposed to be built on the north side of the freeway at the old RoomStore site on Brittmoore.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • so i guess this means there’s finally a reason to have an outlandishly long stoplight at that intersection for close to zero north/southbound traffic there.

    of course that wouldn’t be a problem either if we didn’t have privately owned and operated roads backing up traffic onto the freeways ruining any intended mobility by the presend of said freeway. seriously folks, all it tkes is some of those collpasible white posts at the freeway intersections. solid white lines are so 19th century at this point.

  • TCRS, needs to go back to full staff Alexan at whatever which is the only brand they run, since it is run and won Multifamily REITS only, NO condos are ever allowed since it violates the basic way we clear title and would create an encumbrance too large for any Title Insurance Provider to Insure the property for a loan, that is what Title companies are there for, they insure the loans, by verifying the property is a valid sale and not being stolen by simply changing computer records or changing street names… it clears any claims on the property from the tax office, Vendor Leins are not allowed since a home was never the asset in question and if they provided the entire service on a home without a minimum down payment, well they are stupid, as is the home owner who pays the entire amount upfront……all contractors are general and licensed by the damn federal government, remember HUD, well we have no need for poor black people lies anymore or public housing…….that is a department to verify building and city code standards in construction which are federal nation wide people…..The United States, we gave up state anything long ago, we do get to vote though via our government system which we control through our tier system…..

  • also TCRS never got paid for those property sales CBRE faked, so they need to go rebrand all those communities… Old farm and Alexan Lofts……or as Old Farm was known Alexan Bellaire Blvd or West Timer is not a word the way it is signed on 1093…….it was and always was Bellaire Blvd, those south of that street were and are the only Bellaire……..The lost Village of the Memorial Area, not west Houston….the Villages of Memorial, ends at Belt 8 and all are Houston TVO Hunter’s Creek, Houston, TX

  • Alexan is the new Skylane.

  • Are those first three messages in English?

  • I think Godsmack confused Swamplot for Infowars’ Real Estate section.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble deciphering the rants from the lunatic fringe. I thought that I may have had a stroke and was now unable to process the written word.

  • sure it’s not just because all you guys are a product of the public school system?

    they all may be divergent and rambling, but they don’t exactly take complex reading skills to understand and get the gist of. would hate to be in the same room when you guys try to tackle some shakespeare.

  • Something needs at least a minimal level of coherence to have a gist.

  • The once famous “what’s the frequency, Kenneth?” is a grammatically correct question. At the same time, it is also nonsense.

    When a missive is rambling and divergent (not to mention veering off into fact independent ranting), it’s kind of like second part of the proverb about watches: A person with a watch always knows what time it is. A person with two watches is never quite sure.

  • Here is the HBJ article ( when TCRS built the Alexan at 7777 Katy Freeway (I-10 near Silber).

  • If an education received from a public school system is the reason that I’m not able to understand those comments, then I’d certainly like to know what school system the poster attended. I think their parents would simply need to show that school board those comments to receive a prompt and complete reimbursement of all tuition. I’m actually able to read and comprehend Shakespeare quite well, that poster is definitely no Shakespeare.

  • Hope this residential development has a positive influence on the nearby southeast corner of the Wilcrest/I-10 intersection. Not the relatively well-kept up Exxon/McDonalds, but rather the small weathered strip center almost directly across Wilcrest that has the Sunny’s convenience store, a nails shop and tailor shop.

    Maybe someone will see some good use for the empty lot immediately east of the Exxon/McDonald’s too.

    Anyone know how to determine if the Lasso Street that cuts through the La Quinta’s property is a private or public street?

  • FWIW, I went to public schools…the public schools that served this particular corner at the time, as it happens. The education I received from them allowed me to bypass a number of introductory classes when I began college (at a private institution, though that status was irrelevant to the decision of where to attend).

  • Even the guy with a broken watch has the correct time twice each day.

    I still don’t know what the hell this thread is about.

  • Landmark owns the McDonald’s/Exxon and will eventually rebuild the gas station and they also own the vacant tract to the east.

  • Back on point: this is a major improvement for that parcel. That gas station was always pretty junky. The little strip to the south (same owner) was junky too. The La Quinta and the boarded up Steak N Ale weren’t adding anything to the neighborhood either. No loss + gain of 300-400 new residents who will mostly have well paying jobs = win.

  • I’m interested in what “Godsmack” was trying to say but I honestly have no clue.
    And Dana-X: I hope Alexan is the new Skylane. Maybe we’ll be able to buy it :)

  • I admit that I do wonder what the new Alexan apartments there will be like in 10-20 years. However, what they will replace is worse: a decaying remnant of commercial development that was kinda downscale relative to the nice West Memorial residential area it protruded into.

  • I admit, I am entirely dismayed by this project. Not only is a massive complex going up at the Home Store site, but a third complex is currently under construction directly opposite this Alexan project north of I-10 abutting the feeder road. So in excess of 1200 units are going up in a block, all at once. The extra traffic and overloading of schools is going to be horrid, and those of us who own homes in the area have reason to be concerned about quality of life in the neighborhood, not to mention property value. Really, we left the unbelievably congested Sugar Land mega-burb to get away from this overcrowding. It seems no one thinks or cares about the impact of building three massive units at one intersection concurrently. It’s all about the money, short term though that will be, and then we will be left with the long term problems long after the money is gone.

  • Update: The La Quinta will be closing October 15 and demolished after that to make way. Maybe by the end of the month we will have a clean site.

    Personally I think this is fantastic news. Having a brand new apartment complex at this intersection instead of three dilapidated buildings and a bare lot can only be good for the neighborhood.

  • It looks like demolition is eminent at this site. The hotel is closed and all of the handles have been taken off of the doors.

  • Rental townhouses? Here comes the Asian invasion.

  • While happy that this area is being cleaned up, I’m not thrilled with it being replaced with more apartments. With these 400 units, the 400 across the freeway and the proposed ones where the old container store is, there will be great increase in traffic with all of the new commercial development occurring in the area. Katy freeway has been pretty great for the last 4 years but we are about to being back to the pre-expansion gridlock again.

  • Any apartments at this location are much, much less responsible for additional freeway traffic through the Energy Corridor than growth in nearby office space, additional retail, and outlying subdivisions full of commuters into the city.

    It’s as if people just want to blame apartments for everything.

  • Anyone know what SBISD is saying about these new apartment complexes? Will they have to redraw any of the boundary lines?