Comment of the Day: You’ll Remember the Chicken

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOU’LL REMEMBER THE CHICKEN “All of you are completely missing the forest for the trees. What we have witnessed in the last week is one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns in the U.S. A restaurant chain that is pretty much concentrated in one corner of the U.S. has obtain national notoriety. Chik-fil-a the company already has and will continue to have a non-discrimination policy in regards to sexual orientation (i.e. they don’t discriminate against homosexuality). The president of the company being interviewed and making the statements that started all this was a calculated move. Chik-fil-a knew there would be a backlash and big support along with controversy. For all those anti-chik-fil-a posts in the social media, Chik-fil-a thanks you. Any publicity is good publicity. Because of these events (which the majority will forget in a couple of months), the name chik-fil-a will stick in a vast new audience that never heard of the chain. And all this will little marketing dollars spent. This is playing right into Chik-fil-a’s planned expansion across the U.S. Again, Chik-fil-a thanks all hate filled posts in the social media world. You just helped get it’s name out while knowing the masses won’t remember the controversy.” [kjb434, commenting on Headlines: Finding Ribs at Park Memorial; More Business for Chick-fil-A]

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  • For once kjb, I agree with you.

  • Brilliant? Maybe, maybe not. It’s too soon to tell. The effectivness or ROI of this ‘campaign’ will be reflected in the bottom line. Certainly, market perception cannot be discounted. If this incident has left the DMA with the strong impression that Chick-Fil-A promotes intolerance and prejudice, it might just bite them in the butt.

  • Will everyone please stop with the chik-fil-a thing… on both sides. It’s getting as petty & annoying as a walmart thread on the haif forum!

  • Maybe so but they’ve been sued a number of times for “discrimination” including one lawsuit filed by a Muslim here in Houston who was fired when he refused to “pray to Jesus” but it’s comforting to know that all you care about is that they don’t discriminate against gays and lesbians. I care about the Muslims too. And “boycotted” Chick-fil-A ten years ago as a result of their “Bible waving.”

  • Americans are suckas.

  • It is simple, either eat there or don’t.

  • Major corporations nationwide have long been intesively researching various hot button social issues they use to create controversy that will alienate a large portion of the population in order to drive another segment of the population to temporarily come out for a counter demonstration in support of the now controversial brand. Many PR and ad agencies are secretly specializing in these campaigns. They have been nicknamed “Drudgertising” after the website that tends to drive these act/react 24 hour news cycle controversies. The CEO of McDonalds is currently working with PR and ad men on whether he should shoot a panda bear to get a counter demonstration sales blitz from gun rights advocates. The CEO of Pepsi has been working on an online twitter rant about the Travon Martin case to get a run on Pepsi products by gun rights advocates. Potentially the best and highest risk is the CEO of Arby’s plan to claim that the midwest drought was caused by Rahm Emanuel’s strong stand for homosexuals against Chick-fil-a and not global warming, which is just a hoax perpetrated by the Federal Reserve bank to create an excuse for restraining economic activity to reduce greenhouse emissions by raising interest rates instead of admitting that they are on the precipice of causing hyperinflation through wreckless monetary policy and can only stop the US from returning to the gold standard by radical rises in interest rates.

  • Ha! Old School gets the blue ribbon.

  • Wow old school. Should I even ask… Source?

  • Old School for longest. sentence. ever.

  • One look at– or one listen to– Ben Bernanke should leave anyone with serious doubt soft-spoken Ben could possibly offer up an effective stimulus package.

  • I wouldn’t say it was a brilliant calculated move. But I agree with the thoughts on the unintended results. The truth is eventually Chick Fil A will succumb to profits over virtues and kick Cathay out. There was a temporary cash influx built on hate but that will eventually die down and the Company will attempt to establish a clean equal image. Not now. 10, 20, 30 years..but eventually.

    How many major food chains do you see today openly discriminating against black people proclaiming they believe in the biblical traditional definition of “property”? 0.

  • Old school for comment of the day tomorrow.

    I guess KJB hasn’t seen the brand value of Chik fil-a has plummeted since the controversy. It will rebound but ultimately this will be the Woolworth’s sit-in of the early 2000’s and we all know where they are today…

  • Chick-fil-a could shoot my dog, and I’d still go there for there cookies and cream milkshake.

  • Those Woolworth’s sit-ins just played into the hands of the Woolworth’s Corporation, leading to its present-day world dominance!

  • Swamplot – real estate, right? Just chikin… err, checkin’.

  • Give me a break. There was no “move” on the part of Chick-Fil-A. The president was interviewed by a little-read magazine and gave a no-surprise answer to a question. The LGBT police, who were likely waiting for their “smoking gun” to proclaim what it and everyone else with any common sense already knew, finally got their soundbite and blew it up. No one at CFA had an agenda or intent when the president sat down for an interview. The backlash and overwhelming counter-backlash was a product of the uproar created by the left, for which CFA is probably thankful.

    For whoever said that the president will be pushed out and that Chick-Fil-A will suffer because of this just simply doesn’t know much about the company. All 1900 owner-operators are there for a reason – they have “bought in” to what the Cathy family created. They have the same beliefs. And given where the majority of the stores are located, they won’t be hurt one iota by those beliefs. As was shown on Wednesday, their customer base either grew or was mobilized because contrary to those doing the most shouting – a great deal of people in this nation, especially in the South, think the same way as Mr. Cathy and always will. Chick-Fil-A is still on the side of the majority around here. Chick-Fil-A may have some resistance in their expansion plans from more liberal cities, but there will be a more conservative suburb or city nearby that will welcome them with open arms.

  • Their chicken is gummy and greasy. yecch.

  • Saw this today and got a chuckle out of it. Lighten up people.

    “Won’t eat Chik-fil-A because the CEO believes in traditional marriage? Then don’t buy gas. Being gay is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.”