Conroe House of Knickknacks Has Everything in Its Place

Sorry, all the furnishings shown here don’t come with. Which is sad, really, because if this is just the kind of place you’d like to live in, you’ll have to find each of these items on your own. This 5-bedroom, 3,075-sq.-ft. 10-year-old fully tiled house in Crighton Ridge — on the not-The-Woodlands side of I-45 — went on the market last week for $359,500.


See an antique you like? Try browsing through one of the magazines left on display next to the front door, and maybe that’ll help you dig up something similar.

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  • I have a feeling the phrase, “You break it, you buy it!” has been uttered many, many times in this home. I love the little butler guy with the fancy teacup on his wee tray. I used to think those little butler guys were way fancy. Of course, that stopped when I turned 8.

  • oddly, the one thing missing is the use of an area rug.

  • Even that dog looks scared.

  • Yes, I too enjoy putting my telescope on the piano. Nothing like a little bit of Mozart’s Nachtmusik while looking into the polluted skies of Texas.

  • I would hate to be – either the person that has to pack up that house, or the person who has to fill in the nail holes in the walls.

  • It took me a while to find the dog…

  • She is/was a collector!!

    With a very green thumb.

  • I’d hate to be the Realtor.

  • And there was still room for people?

  • OMG looks like my mother in law has a long lost twin…

  • Haha – took me awhile to find the wee teacup butler. Let’s see, I spy a…

    The bridal room with the mannequins & dolls gives me the willies. As does the naked baby in the glass case on the left side of the mantel in pic #1. W.T.F.

    Not only does the owner have the wee butler, but they also have the chalkboard menu pig & rolling pin holder pig in the kitchen. As well as a butcher shop scale on the kitchen counter?

    So many plates…and I guess they don’t use the fireplace much.

  • So much stuff with so little to say (other than “I’m insane”).

  • Find the dog? I’m still looking for the house. There’s gotta be one in there somewhere.

  • But does it come with the 200 vintage 1984 Laura Ashley dresses in the guest room closet?

    *not pictured, sadly*

  • Well, at least it’s a consistent “look” throughout the home.

    The pool area is lush and quite lovely.

    I’d take the 2 purple upholstered chairs in the breakfast room.


  • Please forward this to Joni and explain to her that THIS is what happens when the man of the house surrenders his jewel tones, ceiling fans, and leather sectionals…

  • I’m getting the vapors thinking about the dusting.

    You don’t suppose these are the “after staging” photos do you. Like maybe there was more and this is the cleaned up version?

  • That person is a stimulus package.

  • Kuningan2, I think you are right – these are the “after” photos, yikes! As for the dog, I had to go back and look at the pictures again. I didn’t even realize on the first/second pass through it was real!

  • Click onto the address for the Realtors description of the property.
    The description doesn’t mention anything about the interior.
    It does describe how the house, (museum)is close to shopping & dining,(antique shops?)
    It also lists a recently built additional garage,(built to hold the overflow of antiques for the home staging?)
    The decsription lists hundreds of plants for you to water and enjoy viewing from the pool.
    You’ll need the pool to cool off in after spending hours in this heat watering all of those plants.
    Just looking at the pictures gave me a headache, but it did give me a good laugh reading the comments.

  • I’m still looking for the dog. Is it nailed to the wall? Is it wearing a little floral dress? Can someone post some hints?

  • It is sitting on the sofa in pic #1 looking like it wants to escape.

  • I spy an antique cooking stove behind the living room sofa and
    I spy a fish aquarium on the kithen counter?
    This homeowner/antique hoarder, may have had the dog on the sofa stuffed?
    I guess with all of the recent home invasions going on lately the homeowner wouldn’t need a safe room, they could simply stand in a corner and blend in with their surroundings.

  • The little dog is also at the bottom of the picture of (what I presume to be) the master suite, which is the last photo before the first swimming pool shot.

  • Or the one in picture #17. If that’s a real dog and not another tchotchke.

  • Why is my realtor complaining that my house is “cluttered” when this house exists?

  • OMG…my wife has put our house up for sale. No wait this one is an organized horader.

  • What!! No comments on all the stained glass in EVERY window?

  • 100% pure grade A cheese.