Covering Up the Produce in Market Square

“Does anyone know what is the plan here?” asks Swamplot reader and architect Filo Castore, who encountered this little wall-building project in front of the Preston St. side of Treebeards at 315 Travis St. downtown, across from Market Square. That’s where this mural normally hangs out:


Can’t those jumbo-sized oranges and lemons hold it all together on their own?

Photos: Filo Castore (construction), Randy Haaga (mural; license)

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  • Together those “jumbo-sized oranges and lemon” paintings make up the greatest pictorial scheme of produce in Houston. Individually, some of baskets of fruit painted on the side of Treebeards are among the most notable works of market basket art ever created. The frescoes of Treebeards and in particular the parking lot wall on the Preston street side by Tony Rodriguez have been subject to a number of restorations, the most recent taking place between 1999 and 2004. This last restoration had a profound effect on art lovers and historians, as colors and details that had not been seen for months were revealed. Today art historians found to frequent the Flying Saucer, have been extremely critical of the suggested restoration, saying that the restorers might not realize the true intentions of the artist. This is the subject of continuing debate.

  • Hebruce, you’re funny.
    What IS the deal there?

  • Someone on facebook wrote to say the wall is failing, and we are likely to lose the mural.

  • A cinder block wall is going up and will cover the mural.

  • Will they replicate the mural?

  • I seen this the other day.

  • Yes, Mel is correct. The wall is failing and the mural as we know it will be covered up. Both the property owner and Treebeards ownership know that the wall is an iconic statement for downtown’s Historic District, celebrating the city’s original marketplace, and everyone involved hopes to recreate it once the wall restoration is complete!!