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  • “Fabulous 1,200sf trophy/game room with 20ft ceilings!! Every collection would love to call this room “home”.”

    Well…. every collection except this one, maybe….

  • This is a lovely room of death.

  • This is how it’s done!
    Puts a boring wall of antlers to shame. (I love how terrible this is.)

  • So, after killing an elephant, hippo, lion and giraffe, is this guy going to shoot a narwhal next? Does this guy aspire to be a mid nineteen century British colonist with a trophy room filled with his exploits from the dark continent? Was the rest of the interior design inspired by Mid-American vomit?

  • Funny thing…once attended a house party here…if you eat a lot of shrooms and hang in THAT room, you’re gunna have a bad time.

  • Possibly the worst house EVER on the Swamp

  • THis is a Cabellas wet dream

  • I hope these people get eaten by coyotes.

  • I wonder what will happen to all those hunting trophies when the house is sold? Maybe the owner already has a new house in another location with a really big man cave to display them. Or, perhaps they’ll be sold at auction to people with similar tastes. Whoever the owner is, his name doesn’t appear in HCAD records online. And that’s a good thing…

  • I think the Swampies should have an honorable mention category for the best WTF HAR listing in 2013. The award should be a sparkly rainbow unicorn… trophy. Of course. :)

  • Wow, reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt’s house on Long Island.

  • That is the worst placement for a gazebo I have ever seen why is it only inches from the edge of the pool??

  • I didn’t know Wesley from Road House lived in Houston.

  • Maybe its just me, but I hate seeing real Christmas trees as much as i hate these trophies. Seems like such a waste. At least the meat gets eaten here.

  • What the heck?! Did this guy really kill an effing giraffe?!!

  • I agree with @coconutbutter. Next year, let’s have a WTF HAR photo listing Swampie award. Now that would be fun.

  • Surely that is not a real Elephant head/ivory tusks. Surely?

  • Is that a seal above the window?? WTF?


    I hope to have a trophy room half this nice when I grow up. Many of those animals will hunt you back…and not the ones you might think.

  • Obviously- This is a house where the owners think MORE is better and that killing living things and then diplaying it, is cool thing to do. Look what I KILLED!!!!
    Truly disgusting in every form.
    And I also believe Swamplot needs to add Worse House Listing of the Year. This is truly the worse- EVER.

  • You never know, all these animals could have died of the swine flu or something.

  • So Jock Ewing didn’t die, he just moved to Cypress. Who knew? Can’t you just see Miss Ellie in the music room?

  • One can certainly go postal over the decor and dead fauna, but hey, there’s over 4 acres and a private lake.

  • I’m glad we can have 40 less rare, exotic animals in the world so that some noveau riche douchebag in Cypress can have a bunch of carcasses strewn around as decoration. What an incredible waste of life.

  • HAHAHA that was awesome. There’s literally nothing I like about that house. Horrible, completely.

  • The owner and his wife own a taxidermy studio in Cypress.

  • It looks like Liberace came back to life…then died in this house..

  • Wow, This what I envision a turn of the century (1900) San Fransisco whore house would look like.

  • Offensive to my very core. Stunningly repulsive.

  • I guess it’s a good thing the home owner opted to have his name taken off HCAD. I mean, completely OFF.

  • Rex
    Re: Hating to see real Christmas trees.
    Christmas trees are a cash crop like cotton or other agricultural products that wouldn’t even exist if they weren’t planted for the sole purpose of being harvested for use as Christmas trees. They don’t come from some wild virgin forest. Do you weep for the cotton balls every time you pass a bag of them in the drugstore?

    And used Christmas trees are recycled for mulch by many municipalities and even used to help replenish the sand dunes at the beach. Unlike their platic counterparts made from petroleum products whose productions spews all kinds of toxins into the environment.

  • …the elephant is real. the ivory is real…all of this is real life. The guy is one of the top taxidermists in the country. I will make sure to tell him to target a narwhal next….that’s pretty great

  • So sad so many people have time to say bad things on a beautiful room or home. The sayings goes
    what others say is their problem to deal with. The next time you are disgusted – look inside your
    heart for goodness and not judgement or hatred. You will be better person.