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  • Popcorn room? Seriously?

  • Whatever sort of Photoshop editing the realtor has done on those images has left that home looking dreary and in need of fresh paint in every room. Not to mention the curb shot where the entire roof is missing!

  • Wow, that is … not to my taste.

  • That may be a nice house, but you can’t tell from the pictures, which have left my eyes bleeding from the over saturated colors. Ouch.

  • I think you’re right, Ross. The faux paint looks over bright with all that HD camera stuff going on.

  • For those on this forum that aren’t “appliancephiles”, please note the kitchen refrigerator is a Sub-Zero Pro 48 (their top of the line model). It has a MSRP north of $16K. Definitely not a “spec” house.