Daily Demolition Report: Double Barbecue Toast

And in Hyde Park, the end of the end.


Commercial and Community Structures


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  • Hyde Park Funeral Directors- ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!!!!!!

  • Somebody is still using Harvard Heights Construction…Do people not check Angie’s List?

  • Native: What was wrong with them? (I don’t know who they were, I’m just curious as you seem to have strong feelings about it)

  • I pity the homeowner who has to enter “1513 1/2 E. 32nd 1/2 St” into any online form where they try to verify an address, or, god forbid, describe it to someone over the phone.

  • When I was a tiny tot, before we moved away from Houston, my parents were friends with the guy who owned that funeral home. I seem to recall visiting it (and him, and his rambly house on Virginia St. which has since been replaced by a four-story townhouse) when my folks were back in town for my college graduation. It was decrepit even 25+ years ago.

  • Harvard Heights did a great job for us on a garage last year. Breezed through the Historic Comm. too.

  • @Cody – The Hyde Park Funeral Directors is an old funeral home that has sat at the corner of Hyde Park Boulevard and Waugh for years in massive disrepair. It was literally falling down and thus a major eyesore, and a number of homeless people were sleeping in it at night on a regular basis. Hyde Park has been battling with the city for a couple of years now to have the place torn down. We are thrilled that it is finally getting torn down.

  • It’s not just Demeris BBQ being demolished on Hempstead. That entire strip center is coming down. Lots of broken glass spilling out onto the road, too. Bring on the freeway improvements!

  • Is Boheme’s parking garage going up in place of the funeral home?

  • Yep, demeris is being dismantled as I type this. So far it’s totally gutted (BTW- they moved inside 610 near 18th). 1909 Mckee and it’s neighbors were leveled last year (Oct 2011) and the new school will be going up in the fall after they make some sewage and street improvements

  • Thanks Whelp, I am glad you like the project we did for you. I will save everybody $50 on Angies List we have 4 good reviews, 2 bad, and 5 people that we did not call back because we did not want to do their job. Out of 240+ project over 9 years, I can live with that. I have done 18 jobs on the street I live on, Harvard. You are right Cody, what is the problem?

  • Surprised Harvard Heights doesnt return phone calls yet they have time to respond here.