Fair Warning: About To Mess with Alabama Theater Marquee

FAIR WARNING: ABOUT TO MESS WITH ALABAMA THEATER MARQUEE Publicists for Weingarten Realty want Swamplot readers to know that workers about to poke into the underside of the Alabama Theater marquee aren’t dismantling it. They’ll only be replacing the lights there with new LED fixtures. Doing that will require removing the soffit panels below the Shepherd-facing sign on the soon-to-be first Houston-proper Trader Joe’s. “The marquee will look just as it does today with the only exception being new energy efficient lighting on the underside,” the shopping-center owner tells Swamplot. The work should take about 2 weeks. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Weingarten Realty

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  • haha,

    I see Weingarten doesn’t want to talk on the waterfall of whining from people when they are doing a simple upgrade. And yes, there would have been a lot of silly whining and belly aching over it.

  • This renovation is one of the most hysteria inducing in recent memory. After the brouhaha over the sign, I am not surprised in the slightest about the preemptive, don’t panic press releases. Love it.

  • “And yes, there would have been a lot of silly whining and belly aching over it.” Like the silly whining about the loss of the interior murals. Indeed.

  • The murals had to come down in order for the facility to meet code as a food selling establishment. Why are so many people willing to let a place rot (see Astrodome) instead of being willing to make changes in order to allow a place to survive. BTW, given the total freak out over the Alabama sign, yes, Weingarten was right to make this preemptive announcement. Folks need to relax a little.

  • What in the hell does talk on the waterfall of whining even mean?

  • I see a lot of whining about whining.

  • I agree with YOLO…

  • I worked at the bookstop in the early 90’s. Replacing those bulbs was a daily chore. There was always at least one dead bulb every morning; often far more. I enjoyed working there. There’s something to be said for serving a customer base made up of readers.

  • Maybe Swamplot should be renamed Whinegarden.

  • As much as I agree that Swampies have a tendency to whine about, well, everything, I’m pleased to see that they have commanded some respect which is evident with this preemptive release of plans.

  • Preemptive dealing with whining is respect?

    “Like the silly whining about the loss of the interior murals.”

    Whining over a loss is one thing. Whining over what isn’t a loss is something else entirely. Though I guess there will be a loss of incandescents.