Daily Demolition Report: What’s Going Down in Houston

Demolition watching is an unofficial but popular sport in Houston. Unfortunately, media outlets here have not served fans well. Sure, you’ll hear about the occasional announcement of big weekend implosions, but what about the many smaller demolitions that happen every day? Unless you’re in the business, you learn about them only after they’ve happened.

Today, courtesy of the Houston Planning & Development Department’s Code Enforcement group, Swamplot introduces a regular feature: daily reports of sold demolition permits. Houston Demo Derby fans now have an easy way to find out what’s coming down: just check with Swamplot.

Keep in mind that these reports are a day late. Permits for the demolitions we report today were sold yesterday. This means demolition groupies will have a pretty good chance of catching the action in their neighborhoods. But it also means that enterprising demolition professionals in a hurry to tear down a building may already have begun—or completed—their (no-doubt fulfilling) jobs.

What demolitions were approved yesterday? Read on, and we’ll reveal the victims:


Commercial Structures


Please observe a moment of silence in their honor.

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