Decorate Your Eclectic Home Compound with These Leftovers from the Houston International Festival

Auction Items from Houston International Festival

Auction Items from Houston International FestivalComplete the grounds of your Jamaica Beach canal-side palazzo with an actual-ish Venetian gondola! Bond with the family in the back yard while reconstructing a long-dismantled mockup of one of Ethiopia’s famed rock churches, the Great Wall of China, or the Sydney Opera House! (See photos above.) Restore a toppled statue of a Thanksgiving turkey in pilgrim attire to its former pride, and watch the neighbors turn green with envy when your work crew trundles it out to the front yard every November. Or add serious gravitas to your estate gateway through the addition of a giant clenched fist (the iFist?; pictured at right) or mini-obelisk!

All these items and more from the now-ended 27-year run of the Houston International Festival will hit the auction block at 9 am this Saturday in a warehouse at 3811 Clinton Dr.

Here are more pics of some of the choicest lots. Everything must go!










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  • Wow how in the hell does a festival have the ability to go a million on the red? Do they have credit vehicles available to them? Or someone spot them a mil one day?

  • I’m confused, the link says the sale was last weekend on the 15th (and the Chronicle link is for paid subscribers only -why does Swamplot link to to these subscriber-only dead end links), when is thus auction?

  • Bemocked: I was confused about the date, but apparently the sale started last Saturday and runs until 2 pm this Saturday.