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  • I like how the Stealertor says “won’t be on the market long” but it’s been listed for 6 months and had a large price drop.

  • Wow! Not to my taste but looks like a very welcoming home to a large clan…
    That said, ever hear of STAGING !?
    I’d say those are prayer rugs scattered around the living room except they’re facing all different directions…

  • …bath mat ‘stepping stones’? Maybe it’s to keep the kids entertained and prevent their dirty shoes from touching the carpet.

    *Imagines grandma gently reminding the children “Santa won’t come this year if your shoes touch the carpet”*

    …and so began a lifelong fear of stepping on cracks in the sidewalk

  • Anyone else notice the bed/cot made up in the master closet?

  • The master closet should have been the cover photo on this one. I love the string of shrunken heads hanging from the ceiling. Also loving the back yard….not one, but TWO camper trailers…and a sports car under a tarp…and 2 more trailers…and a random fuel tank…

  • It is clearly being covertly marketed as land for a town home development. He said it was unrestricted, 18K square feet and next to a development nearby. That can fit at least 10 townhomes, maybe like 15.

  • An Applebee’s accidentally exploded all over their enclosed patio.