Deforested Kirby Dr. Wendy’s Brings Back a Little Greenery

DEFORESTED KIRBY DR. WENDY’S BRINGS BACK A LITTLE GREENERY Fencing Around Wendy's Restaurant, 5003 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, HoustonPassersby hoping to see for themselves precisely what hullabaloo was responsible for the larger-than-normal red tag placed by city officials on the door of the abruptly-paused-during-renovation Kirby Dr. Wendy’s now have an additional obstacle blocking satisfaction of their curiosity. The perimeter construction fencing on the jobsite at 5003 Kirby Dr. — which only went up just as workers were chopping down 6 oak trees on the surrounding public right-of-way late one night last week — has gained a new green-fabric wrapping. “I think it makes the construction look more attractive,” quips the reader who sent in the above photo of the stump-and-fence scene (with the red tag still barely visible through the greenage). That’s nice, the reader notes, since “apparently we are going to be looking at it for a long time.” [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Give this story a rest already.

  • I agree 2 articles was enough

  • I disagree. Please keep us informed of developments. I am still amazed that such a blatant violation of common sense and applicable City ordinances has apparently not been deemed worthy of a comment by Wendy’s , the franchisor.

  • No! Please keep reporting on this ongoing story! I grew up with that Wendy’s and those Oaks. We need to follow what actions the city will take against this group and we need to see what subterfuge they will employ next in trying to escape the public’s eye!

  • Please continue the updates! The contractor and developer were probably counting on the short attention span of the general public to get away with this egregious violation.

  • I’m all for hamburger intrigue and fast food drama. This is the best story along those lines since the demise of Lucky Burger.

  • Anyone know what’s up with all the oak trees being cut down today around the bldg across from the Mucky Duck? A lot more than 5-6 trees. Looked very familiar.

  • How about a story from the view of the people who work at the Chrysler dealership next door and how they’re coping with their Frosty withdrawal during business hours…

  • Keep the updates coming. I noticed the trees across from Mucky Duck this morning, those trees were older than the ones at Wendys, although I don’t believe it was on city property, still a shame

  • Keep updating, please.

  • Agreed, please keep updating this story. It is important to monitor the City’s response to this blatant violation of the law, and it is important that the City know these laws are important and worthy of the City’s attention.

  • please let this story die already, I talked to a mgr from another wendy’s who owns this location (and the one I was talking to), apparently the city wants to fine them $140k for the removed trees – those trees were not that tall and I don’t believe are worth $140k either in fines. The manager told me it was cheaper to pay the city off and get back to construction as they spend about $1.2M for the franchised business when they purchased this Wendy’s group a few years ago. No mention about the landlord trying to cancel the lease. Personally, I think the franchisee just needs to replace the trees with something comparable to what was there before which would be much less than the city’s fine plus really it’s not the franchisee’s fault as seems to be the contractor and contractors come and go in and out of business and get employees back to work and start paying income and sales tax for the city/government. Bottom line the franchisee needs to get the place remolded and back in business and the commenters and lawyers on here need to let this story die and move on the next flavor of the week.

  • $1.2M for this location only (not all the Wendy’s in the group deal that had been purchased recently)

  • mr me – your concern for Wendy’s is touching, but the city ordinances (i.e., laws) were broken. Maybe the owners went with the lowest bidder–oops. They need to take ownership for their decision. The point has been made before about this: if they cut corners on an very obvious and noticeable item like this, what else are they cutting corners on?

  • Keep the story going. I want to know about as many building/construction violations as possible.

  • “Give this story a rest already”, said the developer.

  • I think the city needs to fine much more than $140k.

  • You should wonder why people give any story the “enough of this story” comment. If you are sick of the story, don’t read it. Otherwise what do you care unless you are somehow connected to or are the persons involved in this story…. mr me, care to divulge more about yourself?

  • The tree Gods will get ALL builders / contractors /developers who cut down ANY established trees!!!! Keep reporting on this story. Still waiting for our lame City government to fine the builder a HUGE fine …

  • @mr me: $140K for those trees? Certainly COH will not settle for $140K for 6 mature, well-established, healthy live oaks which were cut down illegally. Certainly COH will pursue criminal charges against Freddy’s Landscaping and More, and will levy the maximum fine allowable by the Tree and Shrub Ordinance, and will pursue civil damages for the “real value” of the trees, which (according to many experts) exceeds $500,000. Of course the REAL VALUE of those oaks to me and my neighbors, and our children and grandchildren, is inestimable.

    Shade in the summer and fresher, brighter city air? Priceless.