Dharma Cafe to Ray’s Franks to Latin Bites to Oxheart

DHARMA CAFE TO RAY’S FRANKS TO LATIN BITES TO OXHEART That’s only the recent lineage of the tiny corner space at 1302 Nance St. in the old warehouse district at the northern stretches of Downtown, where former *17 chef Justin Yu, his pastry-baking wife Karen Man, and Central Market wine guy Justin Vann plan to open their new Gulf Coast-flavored restaurant. (Latin Bites will be escaping to the former Rockwood Room location at Chimney Rock and Woodway.) The trio promises not to take up any of the mere 26 seats in the former Erie City Ironworks space themselves. Oxheart — yes, named after the central organ of an ox (as well as a kind of carrot, a type of tomato, and a certain cabbage) — will be open for dinner 5 nights a week, including Mondays, beginning next March. [29-95; more from Eater Houston] Photo: Almost Veggie Houston

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  • I was a dishwasher there back when it was Ray’s Franks & More. And I bet ya I was the best goddamn dishwasher there ever was in that building, I tell ya what. I pass the building every once in a while and I still get the chills down my spine just thinking about the ghost I once saw in the big safe in the back…it still gives me nightmares to this day…

  • It sucks that Latin Bites is moving! I don’t want to have to go outside the loop! :(

  • JM – Hello – they are moving downtown. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure DT is inside the loop.

  • Does anyone know why Ray’s closed? I always liked that place.

  • If that address is correct then they are moving Uptown, not Downtown. Last time I checked Chimney Rock was outside the loop, even if not by much.