Dick Head’s, Mak Chin’s, Shuck Daddy’s, and Now Lupe Tortilla’s To Try

Next establishment
moving into the restaurant testing ground known as 1511 Shepherd, according to a tipster: pidgin-Spanish promoters Lupe Tortilla. Shuck Daddy’s, which replaced Mak Chin’s just last year in the Cottage Grove location between Maxie and Eigel, closed up its oysters last month. Before that, yes, the building was home to fine-dining-establishment Richard Head’s.

Photo: Fred Eats Houston

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  • This time it will work! Can’t wait. But I will still go to Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe more.

  • Oh hell yes! I can’t wait to get the best fajitas in town in my neighborhood.

  • Your photo is credited to Fred Eats Houston. I haven’t heard from Fred in a while, his blog has been awol since the beginning of the year. I’m curious what happened?

  • Me too. I had Fred’s feed on igoogle but the last update was in May or so.. Now its been marked private.. Was a really useful blog.

  • oop, my bad. I actually meant http://heightsblog.wordpress.com/ I have both on there.. Both were great resources.

  • I’ve always thought of that spot as a jinxed location. This will be a true test. If Lupe Tortilla doesn’t succeed there, nothing will.

  • Good Cyclone Ayana’s blows, as does the Cadillac bar these days. Overpriced fajitas, here I come..

  • interesting. give Cadillac Bar and Cyclone Anaya’s some competition.
    but, I wonder if it s too close to the one down I-10/Bunker Hill. that one closes at 9:00pm

  • I-10/Bunker Hill is a world away from Shepherd. It’s outside the loop, afterall.

  • Word is, this location will have a larger bar and extended hours.


  • Parking garage for Lupe? It’s gonna need it.

  • Darn, I was really hoping for a Mambo’s.
    Ya, what’s going up across the street? There used to be a “Prince’s Hamburgers Coming Soon” sign for a while, but it was taken down over a year ago. I’ve got a bad feeling it’s a Subway. Yuck.

  • Not likely a Subway across the street because there is a new Subway set to open soon next to Kroger at 11th and Shepherd. Also slated for the new piece of the strip center is a nutrition store and sally’s crappy beauty products. Still one spot left so hoping for something useful.

  • Across the street was, at least at one time, supposed to be a Bullritos

  • Is Bullritos any good? It’s a part of Gringo’s, right? With Freebirds and Mission in the area, that would be tough competition.

  • Mission sucks, surly employees and management. Freebirds if you enjoy being rushed through a line at break neck speed with zero explanation as to what things are/available. I hate being rushed, so no thanks and your nachos are abysmal. Barryhill gets my vote, that or El Rey. I’m a gureo obviously, and on the cheap laredo (snover@washington ave)is perfect day after drunk food.

  • I love El Rey. I love Berryhill too, it’s just too expensive for me on a regular basis. Freebirds is right by my house, the employees have always been really nice and they have a frequent buyer card to earn free food, so I’m a regular.

  • Mission does not suck. Sorry, it just doesnt.

  • When you get a bill for $30 and receive maybe $15 in food obviously missing items like soup, and burritos and then the manager flat refuses to give you a receipt, and several calls to their corporate office later, and nary a return call. Mission can go **** themselves.. Sorry, food was good when I was in College, they’re no better than chipolte now (yuck).

  • I am glad to see Shucks gone. I ate there once, they brought my food out in a frickin plastic bag. It looked like trash, or something I should take home to the dog. I guess it was supposed to be fun pouring your food out of a bag and onto the table. What were they thinking? I knew they were doomed from the start.

  • Standard faire with crawfish. If that’s what you were eating? Makes saucing them far easier.

  • Loopy Tortillas yay! another place to take the Yankee relatives when they come visit.

  • Yankees love their texmex, no doubt.. We make a killing on catering here by doing just that. Don’t seem to mind paying $20 for El Tiempo fajitas, when shoulder steak is roughly $2 a pound. They sure as hell aren’t using flank steak, or anything nicer. The mark up is insane, and yankees are none the wiser for it.

  • Bullritos > Mission Burrito

  • I stopped going to Mission Burritos when the Bean Queen sold it to some corporate outfit who changed the PERFECT brownie recipe. I went to Lupe Tortilla’s ONCE and decided to boycott permanently when they charged me extra for–tortillas! I mean, really?