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  • When looking at the rest of the photos, I noticed that two dogs come with the property. That make this property so much more appealing!

  • ReMax Fine Properties. It’s time to expect more.

  • “Needs work”

  • I hadn’t eaten this morning yet. When looking at these pictures it made me want to hurl. How could someone live in that filth.

  • absolutely the grossest photos I’ve seen, grabbing the pepto and disinfectant

  • Interesting it has only been on the market as a short sale less than 2 weeks, and is listed as “pending”. In this case, “great investment property” = you wouldn’t want to live in it yourself.

  • I think I can actually smell what I’m seeing. Posting pictures is aromarama is so innovative.

  • O.M.G. What can you do with that as a realtor? Needs work is an understatement.

  • So sad when caring for pets (and their companionship) overtakes housecleaning and apparently ones finances. I feel bad for them.

  • SERIOUSLY? THat realtor needs to be disbarred. Or whatever.

  • So why would a realtor put those photos out there? Isn’t she trying to sell the place…

  • Someone please rescue those poor puppies.

  • I wish i could un-see it.

  • I have to wag my finger at swamplot on this one. This is a short sale. These people are losing their home. Not to classy to kick them while they are down.

    Also, there we go but for the grace of God. A friend rehab-ed a nice older house in a good neighborhood. The owner’s wife died. They had no children. The owner was a sweet and friendly fellow, but had mental health issues after his wife died. As a result, he wouldn’t throw anything away. The house had newspapers stacked to the ceiling and about two years’ worth of Wendy’s bags and boxes in another room. Reminded me a bit of the pics on HAR.com.

    And, yes. That realtor should have never put the pics up either.

  • Any respectable realtor would have just posted pics of the outside of the house. Everyone knows that if there are only exterior pics it’s rough on the inside. It also allows the owners some dignity in thsi regard.

  • Guessing Real Housewives of Dickinson is not the next season on Bravo.

  • Disturbing.

  • Thast was my point as well Jason.

  • This house would actually make a good flip for a few thousand quick bucks. Amazing what some Lysol, paint, and drywall patch could do here.

    Can everyone find all 4 kitties in the photos? It’s like a Where’s Waldo of glowing cat eyes.

  • Old school is right. Swamplot’s reached a new low here.

  • Old School has several good points, but I’ve visited homes in much worse condition. Let’s move on.

  • Sadz…where are they? I only spotted 2.

    There is some sort of ‘throw’ or blanket that almost looks like there are cats on it, but I’m sure that doesn’t count.

  • Oh, no – this looks like a scene from that movie about a crack head, “Half Nelson”, where the guy’s apartment contained both a bare mattress on the floor plus a dead cat. Gross!

  • Photo 8: One small grey kitty under the table.
    Photo 9: One cute black and white kitty in the chair, and possibly another pair of eyes peeking out from under the blue thing next to the chair.
    Photo 10: One large furry grey tom peeking around the green shelf/tub thing in the lower right corner.
    Photo 11: The back half of a fawn-colored cat-shaped object is visible in the lower right corner.

  • Pyewacket2, the kitties are:

    1. Under the “dining” table.
    2. In the bedroom peering out from near the storage bins in the lower right corner.
    3. In one of the two comfy recliners.
    4. In the photo on Swamplot, there’s a kitty laying against the wall on the lower right, head out of frame.