Did South Texas Law Just Become Houston’s First “College”?

DID SOUTH TEXAS LAW JUST BECOME HOUSTON’S FIRST “COLLEGE”? 1303 San Jacinto St., Downtown, Houston, 77002 Downtown’s South Texas College of Law just announced that the 93-year-old school is changing its name to Houston College of Law. A press release issued by the school this morning calls the name swap part of the institution’s ongoing effort to “distinguish itself regionally and nationally” — and indeed, the name is distinct from those of both law-school-containing University of Houston (located 2 miles southeast) and same-chancellor-separate-institution University of Houston Downtown (a mile to the north), though all 3 schools employ a red and white color scheme. Unlike other recent Houston school renamings,  today’s announced change appears to be effective immediately; the law school’s logos have already been updated, though its website address has not. [Houston College of Law] Photo of Houston College of Law at 1303 San Jacinto St.: Houston College of Law

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  • It will be just like U of H Law now except for those pesky ten points on the LSAT below U of H Law’s first year students. What they lack in smarts, they make up for in favoritism in hiring in city and county government and traffic ticket litigation jobs.

  • Reminds me of “New York Law School” and “New York University Law School” in New York City. Students at the former hope you will mistake it for the latter.

  • Aw. I was just starting to get people in my office to start calling former students “Stickle Grads” (as in STCL).

    The legal market took a beating after 2008. It is now well known that the legal job market will never be the same and an investment in a pricey private law school education is a big risk. Lower tier private law schools are seeing big declines in applications and are having to fight hard to get people to fill the study carrels. i am sure the administration at Stickle understands this and is doing everything they can to shine up the place.

  • A rose by any other name will still be 3 times as expensive and 1/3 as good as University of Houston Law Center.


    This is really dumb. What are all the alums going to do and say now? What law school did they go to?

    Not to mention that the institution they got their JD from is one of the few public biography items on the profile page of each Texas-licensed attorney on the State Bar of Texas website. Are they still grads of the old law school or the newly monikered one?

    Ah, here is the solution: Graduate of “South Texas College of Law n/k/a Houston College of Law” for the older cohorts. And “Houston College of Law p/k/a South Texas College of Law” for newly-minted JDs henceforth. Perhaps the SBOT webmaster could do a global replace on the entire online State Bar membership directory. At least other lawyers will be familiar with aka, nka, and pka, even if the general public is not. But not to worry: The general public can go to the School’s (pardon, College’s) Facebook page to have their name change faqs dealt with, and be set straight.
    At https://www.facebook.com/HOUcollegeoflaw
    And wikipedia already redirects from South Texas College of Law to Houston College of Law. – Wonderful!

  • UHLC is threatening legal action.