Comment of the Day: Lamenting the Loss of Flaunted Houston Highrise Heights

COMMENT OF THE DAY: LAMENTING THE LOSS OF FLAUNTED HOUSTON HIGHRISE HEIGHTS One Moody Plaza, Galveston, TX 77550“Boo! Are times so lean that a company can’t show off its greatness by allowing the public to partake of their rarified views? Is this the new normal? Who remembers Moody Plaza’s [20th] floor Galveston observation space? Closed.” [movocelot, commenting on One Last Look from the Chase Tower Observation Deck, Now Closed to the Public] Photo of One Moody Plaza in Galveston: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

One Comment

  • nah, it was more a tenants couldn’t access the elevators because tour group leaders wouldn’t stage their tour groups in the appropriate location.
    people who pay to be in a building complain about people who don’t pay to be there. There’s only one logical outcome: the people who don’t pay get the boot.
    Houston needs to build an observation tower. maybe over by the baseball stadium on that halfblock parking lot.