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  • listed for only 2.5 x the appraisal value? lemme go grab my check book right now.

  • I guess the trees did not get permission to grow leaves. Many of them are bare.

  • That putting green photo is a bit odd. Photoshop? Especially the flagsticks. If it is, why was it important to do that again?

  • Photos taken during what passes for winter in these parts: low angle of sun, bald cypress in front is, well, bald.

  • “…redesigned by Don Peterson & built by John Bass”

    Are these legitimate names in the inner circle of Woodlands snobbery? And how can a new house be ‘redesigned?’

  • Superdave- they are best known for not centering light cans between wood beams in all of their houses.

  • Is Our Lady of Guadalupe watching television in the living room?