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  • Ack! 6 over 6 Home Depot windows on a Craftsman house! When will people learn? At least they had the sense to cover them with decorative screens, though.

  • Plus workshop, plus 10′ ceilings!

  • 6 over 6 double pane thermal windows in totally new framing that sound proof the home in addition. They replaced the 6 over 6 original windows that had wooden dividers and single panes that had fallen into disrepair. The look is the same as when built but the advantages are really amazing.

  • MAP wrote: “…The look is the same as when built…”


    It’s really really not.

    And the incredibly awkward camelback addition was a misstep, too. I walked this one the week it came on the market.

    When will people start consulting architects? I don’t ask much.